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    Hi Mark,

    I twisted my ankle and its very sore, would acupuncture help with the healing process?


    Mark Acu

    Hi Sabbi

    Don’t know how I didn’t see this post I am really sorry about that. 😯

    I guess by now your ankle is well healed but for anyone else I will give a few pointers.

    A lot of people get confused with the ice and cold thing in injury situations. Chinese Medicine works a lot with the elements with many many conditions ie if something is hot cool it down and visa versa.

    When you injure the body the natural healing response is normally swelling redness and pain, (heat). Therefore you treat in the opposite Cold to lessen the heating process. At this particular stage Acupuncture on the specific area is not helpful. Having said that you can use other points particularly the ear. This process can numb off the pain receptor area of the brain and can lessen the need for pain killers.

    After the swelling goes down the injured area tends to become cool and stiff. From aheeling aspect this prevents the good new tissue from rebuilding and it also indicates cold. Therefore you need to apply heat to promote circulation. In this case Acupuncture is very affective as it promotes circulation and is a lot less painful than massage in many instances.

    Using a bean bag which you can either put in the microwave or freezer is the best thing to use. Apply either for 10 – 15 mins but listen to your body on how it feels. You may need more or less

    As always if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me.

    Take care


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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