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    We went to our local church today for a family service,we have just moved to the area & we want our daughter to go to the local school that is attached to it so we thought we would show our faces.

    Well at the end of the service the reverend came up to me & said where are you living?. i said the name of the estate & he said "I dont know whether to offer my congratulations or condolences" I said what do you mean by that?.He said "it isjust so bleak & grim there".I actually had to walk away from him as I felt I was going to say something that would be very rude.I just cant get over the cheek of him.It is a perfectly nice estate in Malahide,its hardly in the slums,I’m so angry that this supposed christian man would be so rude & ignorant Aghhhhhhhh……… :evil:


    I really think that is pathetic, how can a man of that status talk to anyone like that..

    That would really put me off going to that church..

    They must be all snobs.. pardon the pun.. 😳 😳


    Hi Libby,the thing is he is not the reverend who does the family service (its only 20 minutes long),he just came in to have a look to see who had attended that service before he went in to do the main service.So im hoping that I wont come across him that often.The Reverend that does the actual service seems to be a nice man.

    The thing is even if i was living in the most horrible area,that had trouble the whole time & rubbish everywhere & huge crime levels,any normal person if you said you lived in a bad area wouldnt say to you thats a horrible place to live-its just manners,I think he has no people or personal skills & hopefully he wont talk to me again.

    I have to say i still feel angry about it today,we have invested a huge amount to move from an apartment to a house with a garden in an attempt to give Hailey more space to play & have fun in & I just feel that he has tried to dampen what we are trying to achievewith his stupid comments.


    God that was a terrible thing to say!! I think he must be hanging about with the Malahide set too long! 🙄

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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