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    Seems the 3 day debate on abortion will be mostly led by men. Now, excuse me but shouldn’t it be led by women and shouldn’t there be women who have experienced abortion or refusal of one for medical reasons to be heard and have their viewpoints considered???

    can’t we do anything right in this country? what do ye think?


    I think you are right that people who have experience of the system from a patients perspective should be included. Whether or not the debate should be led by women is another point, if professionals are being asked for their professional opinion then their gender should not come into it really

    I think the hearings are a great opportunity to hear what a range of people have to say and open a public debate on the issue.


    Couldn’t agree more Sabbi – there are definitely too many men running the debate – I am very disappointed in that fact….


    I dont think that men should be deciding this issue either seen as it involves women primarily & their own bodies….but unfortunately the government & the church are all predominately male 🙁


    Men can have a say obviously but it should be led by women. Ultimately, we are the ones who get pregnant and it should be us who are asked and our input that brings about any new legislation.

    I think its very wrong the church havesuch a big say in this day and age after what they have done in this country.


    I did not hear about this or who was involved. Are there members of the church on the panel? I assume this debate is on special circumstances as opposed to legalising abortion?

    Sabbi – I would have to disagree slightly with you. Yes, there should definately be more women involved but if you have just women who have had an abortion or women who have been refused – then you have an entirely one-sided debate.

    If we were discussing the wider issue of abortion, I think that men should have a say in abortion. Obviously if there was rape or incent involved, the man should have no rights what so ever. What about a couple, where they become pregnant, she does not want kids and he is delighted – should she have the right to terminate and he have no rights?


    From what I’ve seen of the people being brought to the hearings there are more women than men and the list on the committees website confirms this. When you take into account the church being solely men as well….

    My point is that if the aim is to get expert opinions then surely what matters is that they are well respected professionals at the top of their field not whether they are a man or woman. I don’t understand the logic that just because its an issue which physically affects women then the debate should be led by women.

    I also agree with mammycool, men as fathers have an entitlement to be heard and whilst they don’t suffer physically, mentally and emotionally it has to be an issue for them too


    I’ve listened with interest to some of the radio reports on what has been said at the debate. I’m glad it seems relatively civilised compared to past debates, as we need info not slagging matches. That said, I’m puzzled by some bits

    One heavily pregant lawyer – I didn’t get her name – said that what was in her was a foetus & it would only become a baby when it was born. I’m 7 months pregnant & I couldn’t disagree more. I mean what woman who lost a baby late in pregnacy would say she lost her foetus? Any woman I know would say she’d lost her baby. Why did no one challege her on this? Or am I just hormonal…?

    The other thing I seem to have missed is some of the info about the number of pregnancies ‘terminated’ in Irish hospitals per year. (Was it 30?)I’m unsure what this means. Can anyone enlighten me? For me, terminating the pregnancy means ending it – ie abortion OR inducing early for example if the mum had eclampsia. If the baby dies as a consequence in such a circumstance, despite doctors efforts to the contrary, I wouldn’t consider this an abortion. I was always under the impression that abortion was when the purpose was to destroy the baby / foetus (sorry, don’t know how to express this in less emotional terms). Did they give any details as to what they meant by ‘terminating”, under what circumstances etc? Anyone clearer on this than me? Sabbi??

    I’m just curious….

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