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    Hi All

    There have been reports of attempted abductions in Meath over the last few weeks. I found this report on Rollercoaster:

    "There was a green northern reg hatchback car in Ratoath yesterday 12/5 that tried to persuade 2 boys into his car for "a party" The police were informed but I am sure this guy has moved elsewhere by now. Talk to your kids, warn your neighbours etc. Call the police if you see something dodgy
    This car tried to get a girl in kilbride on her way to school 13/5.
    Please mind your kids"

    Just an update on this, reports of same car in Johnstown area in Navan recently. I think the National school in Johnstown has now stopped all pupils walking to and from school alone.
    Be Aware!! I am looking out for this creep each time I do the school run – hope he gets caught before anything happens!


    thig guy was arrested in ashbourne last friday.


    Looks like this guy is still around!

    "it was in the paper that he was let go by cops as he was genuine, they checked up on him and he was working for a collection company, now there has been other sightings in johnstown since he was let go.. scarey stuff.."


    I do a lot of driving in my role of fund raiser I will keep a look out. 😯


    Hi All

    Just an update on this found on Roller Coaster:

    ""Guy in a green reg northern reg van with a ladder on top (was climbing fences taking pics of kids in bedrooms!) was caught I believe in Johnstown Wood on Thursdya night.
    Dont know if he was charged/bailed / released but good to know the gardaí and parents were on the ball.
    Its been a nightmare trying to explain to a 4 yr old that she cant go out to play alone and obviously with a 10 mth old too I cant stand out all day on the road with her. Felt so sorry for the kids, although I was still amazed at the amount of kiddies out without any supervision when its been widely known he was around.""

    Hopefully that should be the end of this guy 😈 😈


    Hi All – Here are the latest updates on this from Roller Coaster:

    niamhtwins Date:- 31/05/2009 21:40

    you cant put a notice up because of deformation of character hes has loads of legal rights. he was in johnstown wood last monday night about8.30 saw him myself. the police can do nothing until he actually takes a child into his car and drives off. its unbelievable what he has to do till the police do something. i always sit outside with the kids when they are playing, at least i get some books read have to go to library to get some. have asked up at the school has anyone heard anything will do again on tuesday

    ecw82 Date:- 31/05/2009 21:30

    i just wanted to figure this out right–is this bloke living in the apartments beside super valu in johnstown?????? I cant believe the police aren’t doing anythin about it- i dreadto think what could happen…the legal system in this country is a joke!!!! would it be legal/illegal to put a notice up on the notice board in the super value centre???

    niamhtwins Date:- 31/05/2009 21:22
    hi eliz.
    he lives (supposedly) in the apartments beside supervalu.Parents of girls he had followed where on the way back from reporting him to the police and the girls saw his car go in there so they blocked the entrance and called police again . The police had a "word" with him. (story is straight from the mother of the child he followed)

    eliz Date:- 30/05/2009 00:33

    we know where he lives????

    niamhtwins Date:- 27/05/2009 22:19

    police have said that they cant do anything until he actually does something theyve tried to get him on parking violations etc. we all know where he lives and what he drives so all we can do is keep an eye out for him.

    I find it maddening that this guy will be able to carry on looking for children and the Gardai cannot do anything – please keep an eye on the kids!

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