A very sad day in Cork as two little girls are killed

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    how can someone do it? I just cannot understand that level of violence against a defenseless baby or small child. Its sickening. very upsetting listening to the news today….so so very sad


    It was a shock to hear the story on the news this morning about a father who killed his two little daughters and then doused his car in petrol and drove into a ditch and killed himself.

    Its so hard to fathom something like this happening…why did he have to do that to his little girls. Their poor mother must be distraught beyond belief. She had only left for work shortly before it happened.

    Absolutely tragic and such a sad waste of life.

    http://www.breakingnews.ie/ireland/fath … 82077.html


    and aslo in limerick 2, absolute madness 🙁 as a mother of two young i find this very hard to believe!! prayers are with those famlies 🙁


    so so sad RIP Little angels xxx 🙁


    it is just unbelievable.
    so so sad. Just made me sick to the stomach thinking of it.


    Oh why oh way would you do that!? Something must just snap in the brain, you couldnt be of full mental faculties.
    I was watching sky news at the weekend and 3 very young kids died in a fire and the mother is in critical condition
    To hear something like this is just shocking and heartbreaking

    God love their families and communities, think at this time of the year its harder to stomach, its a time for the kids…. so so sad!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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