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    This is my birth experince, as told in today’s Irish Independent. Very happy memories for me and hopefully it will bring a smile to someone who is pregnant and needs a lift.

    http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/par … 77563.html

    Enjoy – I certainly did at the time!


    wow….i cried reading that….but happy crying!!!!……im such a sap!!!!!!!!!…..fair play to u…….you have made it sound like such a happy experience and a real family friendly option.


    I was hoping to make someone smile but I’ll take those tears Ruby as I’m guessing they were happy ones!!


    great story, glad you finally got the birth you wanted

    the part about you twisting your dh’s nippple 360 made me laugh
    well done on telling your story and on your beautiful dd


    That was lovely to read! Well done to you having a home birth!!


    Ah, thats a lovely piece 🙂 🙂 🙂


    It’s amazing to me how everyone on this site is so nice and supportive. This article about my home birth may not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to having a baby but you all get that it was a nice story…that was the point. It was simply a nice story with a happy ending.

    I posted it on another popular parenting website too and on there I have been accused of putting pressure on new mums to cook dinner straight after having a baby. So not the point of the article at all!

    Is it any wonder I use this site way more then the others!!!

    I just wish more mums around the country knew about this site. Maybe it could help communities across Ireland the way it has brought so many people together in Louth & Meath.

    I’m going to spread the word again to all my friends around the country as they are missing out!!

    Sabrinab 08

    Aww thats a fab story. you both look fab in the pic!!. Have to say you highlighted what i would think is a very similar 1st birth expereience.. Mine was practically identical to yours, only without the vacum.. My daughter was brought to special care cause she was 3 wk’s early and I wasnt allowed to hold her, told to kiss her and id see her ltr. I was 19 when she was born and treated like dirt.. Then to top it i was kept in recovery on my own for the night while she was takin to the nursery for the night, after 2 hrs I began feelin pain below, I know the amount of stitches would be painful but not to the exstent of this, The only form of contact i had int he roomwas a brass doll withthe little bell under it..9you know the ones your granny had years ago) no proper bell conected to the nurses station.After ringing this for 5 mins a very angry staff midwife came in and I expalined what was wrong and she told me"Well thats what it is to have a baby"!! and left the room.. Being 19 and afraid to speak up I suffered on until 2 am and could take no more,the pain was unbearable.. I rang the bell again and she marched in and said if i didnt sleep she would have to give me a sleeping tablet to help me, i refused and pleaded with her to examin me. when she did she just said " oh god".. ran from the room to get the consultant.. She returned with a team and I was examened, there was massive amount of blood loss and the pain was a clot that was trapped, had to be rushed to surgery to have it removed.I lost 4 pints of blood and didnt see my daughter or hold her until the end of the following day, a horrible 1st birth. very scary. 2nd birth was better but still very clinical and as for the 3rd like you said Sabbi you know when your ready, I was told I wasnt in labor and when checked i was fully delated and being told plz dont push intil we can get you to the delivery suite!! Sorry for rambling but you really inspired me to tell my experinces. Not planning any more but its great to know these things. Well done you 😀


    sabrina you poor thing my ist birth was horrible too but no-where near as bad

    Sabrinab 08

    Aww thanks bookwitch,, you’d think it would have deterred me but it didnt 😆
    Thank god some one was watching over me that night and i have my 3 girls now and wonderful so grateful 😀
    Just feel sorry for younger girls giving birth in any hospitals, I imagine the attitude is the same. Completely dismissed.!! 👿
    I may have been young but was not an idiot! Any way by the time i had my last girl(4 in aug) the Staff Midwife was actually great, as I had such a fast and strong labour she really encouraged me, no stirrups.. ( i asked her to please not make me use them) she actually refused to use them, her attitude was if you’ve done this much on your own your certainly not going through that..
    I suppose you live and learn dont you.
    No disrespect to olol, some fab midwives, and in the case of my last daughter nearly born in the anti natal, they were terribly understaffed!


    Wow Sabrina, thanks for sharing that story – I could write an article on you for sure. You’re a very inspiring woman. The good thing is we learn from each birth and get stronger for the next one…I could easily go again, my last one was so easy although if I suggest another baby, my husband would probably leg it!!!

    I’ll be at the Bagel Bar next Tuesday for the parent & toddler group so if you’re coming please let me know, I’d love to meet you.

    Sabrinab 08

    Hi Sabbi. aww tanx a mil, I didnt realise i had spilled so much until I got replies.. Would love to meet you and make it but with the girls off school and an extra little girl I mind at home I dont think i’ll make it.. But wil try to get to another one hopefully.. 😀 😀

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