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    Has anyone else noticed that many times on the news over the holiday period there were reports of house fires where people were killed.

    There seemed to be a lot of fires and I was thinking about what we would do if there was a fire in our house.

    We have been closing our doors downstairs each night before bed, so if one does start it will be slower to spread. We check out our fire alarm regularly and we keep a house key close to the hall door incase we do needto get out quickly.

    I was thinking if a fire did happen (God forbid), it would be terrible to have to go looking for a key to open the hall door. That could be a lifesaver, being able to locate the key and get the door open quickly.

    So just thought I would post this to see what other people do incase there is a fire. Do many of you have a fire escape plan?

    For some reason this is in my head now after all those news stories so I want to make sure we have a good plan.


    we actually talked about this over xmas daisy, and i told DS’s what to do if there was a fire and how we would get out.

    I always make a point of bringing my keys for the front door to bed so they are beside me, and I always close all of the downstairs doors at night and check things about 10 times over lol!

    great topic!


    The Advert on the tv really upset ds1, he was roaring crying about us not having a plan to get out if there was a fire….

    Well we did a plan, also i dont leave baskets of laundry on the landing anymore, i push into the hot press or bathroom so the landing floor is clear.
    Our plan is that we all know the 3 routes we can take if trapped upstairs by fire, 2 fire escape windows that have no locks and 1 window in the ds’s bedroom which is locked for saftey (but we now have the key taped to the side of his book shelf)
    If ds1 is woken by smoke or fire, he is to stay in his bed and call out for us, we told him to stay and we would come find him…… if we dont answer him for what ever reason he can come to our room, we crawled the route in the dark, as thats what it would be like in black smoke.
    Dh’s job is to get one child me the other, we arent to leave without each other, we leave together through the same window/door.
    Ds1 is delighted and more relaxed that we have a fire escape plan, just hope we never have too use it


    Should do this too, always hope the dog / smoke alarms would wake us too, but maybe not..

    Always always leave the key in the door though..for the fire reason, always have.

    Don’t think I would fit out of the windows after Xmas though 😀


    Unfortunately, house fires always increase around Christmas – people leave on lights and decorations that can overheat and catch fire.

    The sad thing about most house fires is that there is either no smoke alarm or that the battery is not working. In houses where the alarms are working – there is a lot less chance of fatalities.

    I shudder to think about a fire in my home. We try to take every precaution to ensure that there is nothing to cause one. I think every so often about buying a small fire extinguisher or fire blanket but so far have not got around to it – I think this year I will definately make if a priority.


    I do fear about house fires and hate hearing about so many of them lately. Mainly because we lost our house to fire in 1985, I was only young and it was terrible for us, but more so for my parents obviously, to loose their home and for Mammy she lost the house her parents lived in and all our possessions were gone.. which can never be replaced… that is the sad part for me as I have no idea what I looked like as a baby! Have wondered if I was adpoted!!! 😆 😆

    I always make sure doors are closed at night, that a fire screen is used and nothing is left on. We have smoke alarms and know how we would get out such the need arise which we hope it never will.


    All our bedrooms are on ground floor so Ive told DS if there ever is a fire in the house at night to climb out his bedroom window and to knock on our bedroom window if we are still asleep and vice versa. God forbid there ever is a fire, I make sure all the switches are turned off at night and the doors are all closed.

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