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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve started a thread on the pregnancy/birth section about collecting positive birth stories – come over and tell us about your happy ‘birth’ day. :D

    As a follow on from the Lourdes Consumer Birth Matters meeting last month I’d appreciate your help in starting a thread on Mumstown about positive birth stories at the Lourdes.

    It’s really helpful for any nervous first timers or mums new to the area to see that there are great births in the Lourdes happening every day !

    Was there a particular midwife that made your day? What made the experience so special?

    I know lots of Mumstown members have had great experiences so lets hear them ! :D




    ive got a happy birth storie


    So do i, I had the best birth ever on my 2nd baby three weeks ago. Im a different person today because of it and i firmly beleive it was due to the birth and the excellent midwife i had.


    I had my ds nearly 3 years ago, I had a fab pregnancy but in the last 3 weeks things started to go pear shaped and I had to get an induction.
    After a 12 labour and not feeling as much as a niggle of pain (used tens and gas) I had to get an emergency section as I was stuck at 7cm and ds was going asleep so his heart rate was dropping. I had my section and ds was born with no problems but mine only started, the doctors were 1hour and 40 mins trying to sew me back up and a second consultant was called to see if my womb was to be removed, she looked at my age and the fact it was my first child and said NO…. they stoppedthe bleeding and I was out in recovery breast feeding my baby and got great support from the midwife

    How is this a positive story I hear you ask?
    Well never once did I feel out of control, everything that was going to happen was cleared with me first, even after I kicked up a fuss as I didnt want an epidural and would rather a General, the doctor gave me an extra hour to see if things would start moving, plus he went over the pros and cons of general v’s epidural.
    Even while I was having my bleed the doctor kept me updated and with the second consultant being called in to give her her oppion (2 consultants have to agree to removing the womb) She was kind enough to stop and talk to me about my endometrois damage to my womb ( so this bleed wouldnt happen to other mumtobe)
    I was never left in the dark and will forever be greatful to the care and respect I was given in the OLOL. I believe my positive outcome wouldnt have happened if my ds was born in any other maternity hospital
    This might not have been the type of birthstory you would have wanted, but I still am shocked at how much trust and faith I had in the midwives and doctors that day.
    OLOL rocks in my eyes and wouldnt go anywere else


    Wow Taylor, that’s really great.

    Here is my story (just because I love telling it 😀 );

    I was seen by the MLU at OLOL for my entire pregnancy and found everyone great and full of info and time for me. On the day of the actual birth, my waters broke at home in the small hours and I called the MLU. They advised me to come in but I asked if I could wait a bit as I was having no contractions yet and dd (and dh) was fast asleep and I needed to drop her off with a friend before going in, the midwife said that was fine.

    An hour or 2 later we went in and were signed in and spoken to about my wishes for labour. It was around 6am; by this stage and contractions had started. Anita, our lovely midwifestayed with me the whole time (she had an assistant whose name escapes me) while we watched TV(!!), walked around and eventually got into the water for the pain. She also helped with suggestions of positions. At that stage water births were not allowed so I got out the water at around 9am and baby A was born at 9:12. I staying in the MLU for 2 nights as I had very little milk to start with and I was keen for my milk to come in before I went home (purely so as not to keep dd & dh awake all night and so I could rest up). It was great as my fam. were allowed to visit me as much as they wanted. While I stayed there, I had one of their birthing suites to myself and the midwives were on hand with advice or chatter. All in all, it was (for me) the best I could have asked for. It was VERY different to dd’s birth, which I don’t know if I would count as a positive story except for the fact that I went home with a perfect angel at the end of it!


    Hi girls

    My positive birth story starts on the thursday at 11am when Dr Milner gave me the Sweep 😯 yes it was a big shock to my dignity but she was great and i was calm not at all what i thought it would be like (i was not due baby till the monday) I hear all sorts of stories about girls in other hospital being left to go over ten days and they are in agony etc etc, i just ge the impression that they dont do that in the lourdes, if babs is ready and you cervix of course they will get you started and have you in and out. Well i went straight home and i started getting cramps about 6pm and i couldnt sit down for the evening, i wanted to bring labour on so i was hoovering, walking etc etc. All my family arrived at the house because my mother cannot hold her **** 😆 They all ended up having a few bottles waiting for my labour to kick in!
    Well i hit the hay about 12pm and at 4pm i woke up and my eaters had broke (while my fella slept in it!!) I actually took a photo with my phone! just to keep as a momento yes i have a very sick sense of humour! 🙄 I think i was excited and giddy and nerouse all at once! So everyone gets up the minute they hear me dragging the bag down the stairs as i left my very calm DP lyn in the bed, mam was rushing about and dad thought it would be a great idea to make a fry for everyone! Just as they all arrived down into the kitchen my other waters break all over my new tiles and into the white grouting! So before i went anywhere i had the mop out scrubbing the floor 😆 😆 Still no sign of the DP he reckoned i had hours so he had a shower and was all for having the fry up!! NO chance! My contractions where kicking in and so i was hooshed into the car by dad who was running around holding string of sausages!
    Off we went to the labour ward and DP said we have feckall petrol and since i was the last one with the car it was my fault! so we had a barney about that in between contractions! If i had to push the car to the labour ward i was having the baby in a proper bed with loads of epidural!!!!! 😆
    The labour was nurse was great, she got me hooked up to the drip straight away, i hate needles!!! I cried my eyes out as they tried a couple of times to get a vein with no look and that canula is a whopper of a needle!!
    Anyways, they got it in and we met our new midwife i think her name was Laura!
    She was excellent, we also had two trainee midwifes who where only 17! they where great to. She said sure there is no need for you to go threw hours of pain if you want the epidural then we get it for ya now. I couldnt beleive it. the contractions where getting stronger but nothing like what i went through on my first daughter. At about 9am we went into the birth suite and i got the gas and air, i was three centimetres and the contractions where getting stronger now i was convinced i was ten centimetres and ready to push!! YA RIGHT! no where near, and in came this gorgeous handsome epidural guy with a big bag of happy juice! 😆 I wasnt getting a break inbetween contractions so it took him a few goes to get the needle in but i didnt feel any pain just pressure. He was very reassuring and i remember him cracking a joke r two with the dp! The minute the epidural kicked in i was away on top of the world and was having great skit with the nurses and midwife. She was excellent she kept me updated on what was going on every few minutes. My mother was also allowed in with us and we where all sitting there having a great laugh. Then the midwife checked me as i was feeling pressure at about 12pm. She said i went from 6cm to 10cm in one contraction so she topped up my epidural as it was starting to wear off. I know the epidural slowed things down but in all farness i was in no rush and i wanted to enjoy it (i know that sound mad) my first labour was horrific i felt everything and i am convinced i had a very angry baby and unsettled because of it. I was also very depressed for a long time afterwards.
    I got the urges to push and the midwife talked me through everything, she didnt even want me to push she just said let the baby come out with every contraction and that if i felt like i wanted to push then go ahead. So i did and when she said pant i did. Ava arrived safe and sound eyes wide open and starving! I was delighted with myself and i had my tea and toast (8 slices!)
    The midwife was absolutely brilliant and i was back on my feet in no time. I felt more in control this time around, and even with the baby i bonded straight away. I had no baby blues and i have been smiling since i left the labour ward. Up on the ward the nurses where great, on hand to help out all day and night.
    I can definetely say that from the time i went into the labour ward till i left on the sunday i enjoyed every minute. Im a different person today since giving birth to Ava, im alot calmer, alot more happier in myself and with no stitches i am flyn around. I would recommend the Lourdes to anyone.
    I was worried about the post natal depression returning but there is no sign of it and we beleive it was because of the positive birth experience i had and our very happy little content baby. 🙂 Well have to go she is due her last bottle at 11 and sleeps till 6am 😀



    I haven’t visited this website for such a long time :-(. I had a lovely little baby boy on 12/08/08 in the Lourdes and the staff in the Lourdes hospital were so nice and helpful.
    Small pains started at 8 in the evening of 11/08/08. We arrived at the hospital at midnight and they said I was only 1cm dilated. I was so disappointed. So they sent my boyfried home at about 1.30 and at 3.30 the midwife checked me and I was 8 cm. How quick was that? We rang my boyfriend straight away, he was there at 4 and Joe was born at 4.23.
    I breastfed Joe and it was a struggle and I kept ringing for the nurses at night and felt like a fool and they were just so nice and patient.
    He is now on the bottle. I always buy the Aptamil Easy Digest food. By the way we went up to Sainsburysyesterday and I couldn’t believe how much cheaper the babyfood is up there. And it is only an hour up the road.
    A quick question. He is now 7 weeks old and only since the beginning of last week we noticed that he is very colici. We spend ages trying to get the winds up and rubbing is little belly. Also using Infacol. Does anybody have any other tips?

    Thanks a lot.


    Hi Congrats on your baby boy tulip thats a great birth story you really lashed along those centimeters!! Just an idea as im not the mother of all wisdom but maybe he is not collicky and just hungry. My first dd was like that and i thought it was collick but infact she was just getting hunger pains! 🙄 silly me, but then i was a first time mum and wanted to do it by the book. You could maybe try him with a spoon of baby rice when he is the 8/9 weeks. I know everyone says not to but sure look im only offereing my advice as that is what i did and what worked for me on my two. At 7 weeks i think his collick should be easing off not starting up. The colief drops are good aswell but very expensive. Another little way of burping that i used on ava was to let her drink her bottle leave her for a bit to digest it properly and then pop her up on the shoulder pressing her tummy gently into my shoulder and out pops the big burps. Best of luck hun like i said everyone has different ways and thats what worked for us 🙂 .


    Great birthstory, just hope mine is like yours

    As for the wind on my ds you could rub and pat for hours and nothing but if I sat him upright then lay him back and sat him upright again he wind would just pop out, so a change of position works wonders some times. Oh over your knees and rubbing the back works well too. I did baby massage with my ds and it was great for wind, you could google it and see what comes up
    Good luck


    Thank you so much for your replies. Will try out your suggestions.. also the baby rice in a few weeks time. My mum suggested the same.

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