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    Hi everyone,

    As a follow on from the Lourdes Consumer Birth Matters meeting last month I’d appreciate your help in starting a thread on Mumstown about positive birth stories at the Lourdes.

    It’s really helpful for any nervous first timers or mums new to the area to see that there are great births in the Lourdes happening every day !

    Was there a particular midwife that made your day? What made the experience so special?

    I know lots of Mumstown members have had great experiences so lets hear them ! :D




    Hi Tracey,

    I had a baby boy March 07 in Lourdes – due no. 2 March 09. I did all the necessary prep – went to the yoga and decided I was going to do my best for a natural birth.

    Birth plans are all well and good but have to be flexible. You have to realise that what you plan and what baby decides to do may not necessarily be the same.

    My little man went 10 days over – this is the limit in OLOL, so I therefore had to be induced. I had been very well informed and told by all that induction was to be avoided at all costs. That it was the most horrible birth that you could have. So, being my first, the fear and the dread set in and I was crying going into hospital.

    I did go private, and my consultant was Dr Harkin – and she was excellent. She explained exactly how this worked but said not to expect baby to be delivered before the following evening.

    I started to get contractions within two hours of getting the gel. They came every 10 minutes and were a tingling sensation – like wearing a slendertone belt. My first thought was, is this it, I can handle this. Just stayed in bed and relaxed – the only uncomfortable thing is the waterproof sheet that they put under you – very hot!!!

    After 2 and a half hours, contractions went to every three minutes – again manageable. Stayed in bed and did my deep breathing – very effective. This lasted another two hours.

    At that point, contractions turned to a pain in the pelvis with a contraction every minute or so. This I found the hardest part but I got up and walked around, and even sat on the loo – squating when the contraction hit, relieved the pain.

    At this stage, the nurse arrived to administer 2nd gel. I had not had any pain relief or any contact with anyone all night. Monitor went on but it was decided that I did not need any more gel.

    I was brought to the labour ward – where they found that i was actually fully dilated and ready to push – taken to the delivery room. My husband was contacted but was already on way in. I got Gas and air for about 10 minutes – brillant stuff, I was high as a kite and seeing starts. Hubby arrived and pushing started.

    Dr Harkin dropped in to say hello and was in and out several times. Baby’s blood pressure dropped and was advised that baby was going asleep so had to be delivered. Dr Harkin took over from the midwives. Suction devise put on babys head – my immediate thought was that I had to push very hard or this would hurt – two pushes later, little man was born.

    In all, my labour was 7 1/2 hours – the hardest part was the crowning(pain in the pelvis) – this does not last very long and is at the end – the actually delivery you zone out – it is like an out of body experience. The gas and air for 10 minutes was the only drugs that I had.




    Mammycool – thats a lovely story! Congrats on pregnancy number 2. I am pregnant with no. 2 also, due November 4th… can only hope for a time like yours! Am likely to be induced/sectioned due to gestational diabetes, but will no more nearer the time. I am attending Dr. Harkin this time too, she is really lovely!


    Wow thats a great story, Im also due the 4th of Nov and please God I’ll have a birth like yours

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