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    girls i am looking for a good quick dentist. i need 8 teeth out and false ones no fillings cause the make me sick. i need the false ones in my teeth are horrid :oops: . all the dentists are really slow i have been with 1 tooth out a week and that gets the nerves going and then i stop going. please help.


    I would recommend Cormac Reynolds at the back of the town centre – I have been with me 12 years and he is great – I needed 4 teeth out back then and as I was a very nervous patient, he suggested the Lourdes and being put asleep which I did… was much better to get the work done in one go….

    But whoever you choose, have a consultation with them and discuss the options of getting it done in one go….

    Best of luck!


    thanks i was a patient of his when i was pregnant but he stopped taking medical card patients he was really nice. but i am willing to pay anything to get a full set of teeth i rather pay for them.


    Hi Nicky
    I am another one of those people ho is totay freaked at the dentist
    i could never stick to the same one cause got to scared to go back was afraid he might not be so nice the next timeand was only being nice because it was my first visit,i have found a great guy now and have just finished getting a root canal i never thought i could have done this.I dont know your medical situation but i really urge you to do some research and see is their an alternative to loosing your teeth it seems really drastic why not get in touch with the dental hospital or redmond molloy 8410306 david is my dentist in balbriggan best of luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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