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    Hi there,

    I hope you dont mind but i want to pick your brains…

    My friend is heading to london for ivf next week (her 3rd try, 1st time outside ireland), She has to stay there for a month in an apartment alone while having treatment. Her dh will go over at weekends. Im going to go out for a night or two in a couple of weeks too.

    I want to get her a gift but i am at a loss as what to get.

    Bought her a heated cushion thing (you put it in microwave) but wnat to get her something else. Any ideas?

    maybe something to keep her occupied when bored or maybe comfy pjs -im just not sure as never been in that situation.



    what about a diary, or scrapbook to do…..

    also willow tree angel – you can get one that is the angel or hope or one that is the angel of miracles….


    I don’t have many ideas as I don’t know what can be appropriate.
    But when I was in hospital I did start cross stiching.
    My aunt does it a lot, we talked about it after.
    When you do it, it’s relaxing and at the same time it keeps your mind busy because you have to count the stiches, so less time to ask many difficult questions.
    For me it was: how long will I be there, and much more tough questions ? and for your friend keep thinking why she’s there, will this time the right one…
    You don’t forget your questions, worries, but it gives a small relief.

    There is some very nice kits.
    And if she enjoys it, it’s easy to post some more.
    I don’t like sewing, and I’m not good with needles. But cross stiching is very different, it’s quite simple.



    like the cross stitch idea, can get very addictive & just cant put down so be good to keep her mind occupied….also possibly angel book..like one of Lorna Byrnes etc…they are great to read when you feel low but also want inspiration…

    the heated cushion thing is great coz she can use it on her feet as its good to keep feet warm during IVF cycles..shouldnt put it on tummy but feet are ok….

    wishing your friend the very best of luck with her cycle & time in uk…

    moonflower xxx


    he there

    as ur friend will have abit of time on her hands what about a box set of greys anatomy or sex and the city or sonething that that you know she will like…it would keep her occupied for a bit…

    do you mind me asking why she is going to england this time as i have fertility issues and i personnally found the hari unit rubbish and im currently going through napro…are ther less stipilations in the uk?????the rotunda told me i had to loose weight and i lost 4 and a half stone and they told me i still needed to loose weight..as it turns out i have a hormone problen that doesnt let me ovulate and im on meds to correct that…sorry of im asking too personnal a question but id be interested to know what the uk offer that ireland dont….

    i hope she has great success there…


    yes a big thing with hari weightloss..makes me really cross as i know loads of larger ladies who get pg with no probs..so obviously weight is not only issue when you suffer from infertility…but they wont even consider you until you have got in there weight range & waste valuable time that could be used for havin tests to see what problem may be…

    sounds interesting going to uk for ivf?? seen lots adds for european countries…but not uk….

    really hope yr friend has a wonderful outcome over there…x


    My friend has done IVF in Hari & SIms but it hasnt worked, she says that this particular clinic in the uk (centre of london) has a much higher success rate!!

    It is more expencive though but she says when your spending thousands anyway, you may aswell go to the best place.

    I know she heard about it on rollercoster and is on threads there with girls that have been before. I think she is also on another site called fertility something.

    Hope that is of some help.


    How did you friend is getting on in London?
    She’s nearly back home, isn’t she?

    Hope it worked for her.


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