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    Not sure wether you guys are interested in football.

    But last night was a huge dissaster.

    The possibilty of going to aworld cup, back to the glory day’s. A nation would have been lifted – the depression and recession over.

    Then Terry Henry handled the ball.

    Looks like we might have to wait anopther four years for this nation to be brought out of this depression.

    To be fair to the Ireland players though, they played there hearts out.
    They were by far the better team and deserved a little more.


    Ireland played superbly and can hold their heads high this morning.

    Thierry Henry undoubtably was in the wrong but until they change the refereeing system to one similar to rugby then these situations will always sadly happen in football.

    The world cup will not be the same without Irelands participation..I have great memories of world cup 1994 when I met my DH..

    It certainly does lift Ireland when the sporting teams are doing well and it is so very disappointing the way in which they lost out, it would have almost been easier to stomach if they had played badly, but they certainly made France look a very average team.


    Agree!!!! I was gutted for them absaloutly gutted!!!

    A video referee is defo needed it was a blatent double handball and not one official seen it…what a joke. To be ruled out of the World Cup for this is a disgrace!!!


    Yes great performance, great courage and pride, each of the Ireland players were superb, I’d love if they played like that in every qualifying game in future, we now know we have a strong skillful team who are capable of beating anyone.

    Well done Lads!

    Just on the cheating thing, we take our kids to football, they are thought to play fair and abide by the FIFA Fair Play code, there’s a certain irony there, considering its corruptness that put us where we were last night. The play offs should never have been seeded.
    Video referee’s should be introduced but then again the bigger countries and teams would find away to insure it works out for their gain.

    Anyway enough moaning, proud of the Irish boys and rcole I’m looking forward to the euro qualifiers we have to be confident at the moment, imagine if we get France…


    On TV am news this morning, it said that Henry has admitted handling the ball. It also said that Irelands assistant manager is asking the French for a reply in light of Henry’s admission.

    Fingers crossed we might get a replay…..


    http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/archive/ge … 27212.html

    A replay has ben given in the past due to a referees decision being questiond…so you just never know!

    How could FIFA seriously NOT give a rematch when he admitted it himself and there is video footage. Henry even said if he was asked if he handballed he would of said yes but he wasnt asked. And if you wastch the match again when Given was telling ref about the handball the ref indicated to his side (as in it wasnt a handball but it hit his side)


    fingers crossed for a replay


    They said this morning that Henri told the ref he handled the ball but still, the goal was allowed. Not sure he told him there and then – it didn’t look like he rushed over to admit it.

    It was so sad to see them getting away with all that fouling and a goal which, even to me who knows hardly anything about football, should not have been allowed.

    The lads played so well. Very proud to be Irish last night and the supporters in the crowd were fantastic too.

    We deserve to be in the World Cup, it will be a lot quieter without us!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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