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    So, our son is studying for his Junior Cert. Well, I say studying but in reality, we are making him study. Its been a battle of wills here since the start of the year when we stopped him playing games on his playstation to study instead.

    He is constantly trying to get back on his PS, he will study for a bit and then come down and hassle us in the hope we will let him off with studying for his exams and will let him go and play silly Fortnite on his PS.

    Needless to say, it has caused quite a few arguments here. We want him to take his exams seriously and he doesn’t want to take them seriously. He says his junior cert is not important and that he is not sure he wants to go to college anyway, so what’s the point!

    I feel like my head is going to explode somedays with him….

    He sauntered in from school yesterday all excited as he had come up with a plan to make everyone happy. With a flourish, he whipped a page out of his schoolbag and told me he had prepared a ‘Contract’ for his Dad and me to sign, which states sets out a timetable for studying and playstation access.

    I’ll be honest, as much as its annoyed me that he is more interested in his silly playstation, and as cheeky as he was to draw up a contract, a small part of me was trying not to laugh as he presented it to me with his most serious face.

    Needless to say, we haven’t signed it….

    The lengths some kids will go to not to have to study! Has anyone else had anything like this?

    We just don’t know what to do with him!!!


    Ha ha I actually thought this was quiet clever of your young man
    Does he get any time at all on PS? Maybe an agreement that if he clears his studies for the week an hour or so at weekend might encourage him to keep at it?

    Now I should add mine are still only primary school and I dread my daughter starting secondary school in September the homework and study gonna be a massive shock


    Oh its coming Munchin!!! He gets alot of time on his PS once he has studied and also, after he goes to football training and GAA training. Its his favourite hobby but he does get a bit carried away on it and he doesn’t want to get off it once he gets hooked into a game.

    it can be very addictive but in fairness to him, the contract was funny!!

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    What an absolutely brilliant idea!! Fair play to him! If we actually look a bit deeper, he’s actually handing you a contract that he will “abide” with…potentially! You’re now in a strong position as he probably doesn’t expect you to sign it, but maybe you can “agree to sign it” but you need to really examine the small print as it will be a “legally binding contract for BOTH parties”. You then take it away, look at it and make the changes you want to and go back to him with it. You agree to sign it as long as he is giving you evidence that he has studied, whatever you would find acceptable as evidence!! I’d say give it a go…in reality, he’s the one who’s going to break it first anyway!

    Good luck with the negotiation!

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