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    I got ds a dog before xmas and I have question many times when my garden is getting dug up and house getting wrecked, Did I do the right thing?
    Well last evening ds was out playing with his sandbox and the dog, I couldnt see ds in the garden so I went looking for him
    Well I found him and the dog lying in the kennel, I called dh and we both were peeping around the corner. Ds was lying down telling Dotty bedtime stories :cry: :lol: :lol: I was in tears it was soooo cute. I think we have true friends in the making :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    I knew that second I made the best decision since having ds himself

    Then today we were painting and I took my eyes off ds, our white and black spotty dog now has Blue spots too :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


    aaahhh thats so cute. i would be in tears too. hope you got a photo. i got my dog as a pup 6 weeks before my ds1 was born. they are great friends now 8 years later.


    That is such a lovely story Taylor…so sweet. We had the dog before ds and we worried about how the dog would feel when the new arrival came but they are the best of friends now..and the dog even obeys my son when he says "Toby bed" at the top of his voice 😆 😆 😆 😆


    lovely story 😀 it’s nice to see kids interacting with animals…. i would like to have a dog in the future, maybe….. some day 🙂


    Hi Girls 🙂

    Yes sometimes dh and my female dog look so romantic oh my gosh
    she will put her paws up onto dh shoulders and you see a wide smile on her face at me… :mrgreen:

    See i had a rival four legs and a tail that barks now…. 😆 😆


    ahhh taylor that’s so cute…ah hope my ds and puppy will be like that, i wonder will i even get my puppy back from you he might wanna stay with D and A and have bed time stories etc and do painting… 😆


    Oh thats what im afraid off…. what colour is your puppy again? 😆 😆 😆


    My dad has a jack russel called jessie for the past 12 years now as far back as i can remember actually! He even brings it on holidays and it has its own insurance policy, health policy, goes to the groomers, vets if it even looks sick! Her bed is bloody handmade! He talks to her more than he talks to his wife my mother says! She has two walking jackets, well we bought them for the laugh but he actually puts them on the dog!
    When he gets in from work it "hello my babygirl how is my babygirl today" ‘there you are’ yes there she is " JESUS if he didnt say that everyday there would definetely be something wrong its like tradition!
    If my dad has a pint on him he will sing to the damn dog! 🙄 Sometimes my mam will just go to bed and leave the two of them on the couch asleep!
    She has her own press with everything in there a dog needs! She has a baby bath in the shed just for her with little doggie stickers on it!

    Every morning and evening sleet or snow she gets walked, now my daughter walks her (well drags her) and she adores her i would love to get one they are very gentle dogs with kids but i hate the hairs my mother is killed with the cleaning everyday hoovering up hairs!!
    Even christmas morning the dog gets a big pressie and breakfast!

    My sister hates dogs and shes always messing about with him sayn shes feck her out when my dad goes! and my dad said when he goes the dogs coming with him dead or alive!!!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆


    ah thats so cute taylor and Happy … my dd got a dog for her second birthday a lil jack russel and he is her best friend when she was smaller and had no one to play with she had him she used to put him in the pram and wheel him around 😆 even now when she is out playing in the back she will bring a blanket and he will pop down beside her and play with her and she tlks away goodo to him 😆


    I am thinking of buying a puppy for my 19 months old son, Is there any nice place to buy in Drogheda . I am looking for some tips.


    go to collon animal santuary we got a lovely border collie she is so sweet we called her maggie may and the family just love her


    drogheda animal rescue or dar are always looking for goos homes for dogs and puppies think there is a link on this site


    SB its a wonderfull thing for a child to grow up with a pet and Im delighted we got Dotty, my ds was starting into a couch potato and I had loads of trouble getting him outdoor, now I have to keep the back door locked if not he’d be out in the garden in his pj’s 😆 😆 😆

    I got Dotty for Drogheda Animal Rescue you can look at what dogs they have on http://www.dar.ie. Dar never put dogs down, but the Dog pound destroy fit and healthy dogs after only a few days….. even young dogs. So I would recommend Dar or the Co Louth Dog Pound.
    The Dar do a foster scheme, you could foster a dog for a few weeks just to see how you get on and if a dog is right for you. The worst think you could do is go get a dog and then feel you dont want a dog


    Hi Girls 🙂

    Taylor5, i think these organizations for the dogs once they are rescue, the dogs particularly shouldnt be left in the filthy and smelly manner …

    lst impression is very important so bath the dogs,groom them if necessarily.

    and they should try to open on Sat as well ,at least half-day as most families are working on weekdays and theres a higher chance of someone coming to look for dogs.and the dogs will find their happy homes sooner. 😉


    MMG I dont know any where that the dogs are kept in dirty conditions 😯 I knowalot to these charities have helpers who have families and children so to open saturday would be very hard indeed.

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