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    Hello All

    Please take a quick minute to have a look at The Bagel Bar box advert on the right hand side.

    It gives a very detailed breakdown of all calories in each of their delicious Bagels.

    Thanks to The Bagel Bar for the information.


    Well done Bagel Bar for taking part in Operation Transformation’s Count me in campaign. So many restaurants have decided not to show the calories on their boards – makes you wonder what they have to hide??

    In the new Bagel Bar ad its interesting to see which bagel has the least and most calories….who would have thought the Veggie Bagel would be the highest in calories??

    Well done again guys, had the cajun chicken for lunch yesterday and it was fab, have been craving jalapenos and it hit the spot!!


    I really do like the calories count.
    And nice surprises, can have one of my favorite guilt free.

    Last week, I was in the Laurence centre, wanted to go in for a bagel, but because I was short in cash, I had to keep it to pay car park. End up eating a bag of crisps from M&S instead of a nice filing bagel.

    Will have more change next time am in.
    Looking forward to my next bagel.



    went in with dh the other day, and i was delighted to see it displayed….

    i got the lowest calorie one was nice to know which is lower than the other….and the best thing is they taste yummy not like cardboard…that’s what usually diet food is like….so happy with my yummy scrummy sweet chilli bagel….

    dh got the burger bagel, afterwards he was like oh should have got what you got….


    typical fella going for the burger bagel eh?? 😆 Looks a bit too big for me, im loving the ploughmans tooat the moment, thats so low considering how much is in it!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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