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    Financial Companion

    thank you for this morning, i remembered when i got home i forgot to give you my sheet….doh…

    but it was informative, and i will be arranging a date with you to look over and see we have everything covered, need dh to be there, like hmm said goes over my head….not sure what we have or don’t but i know that big white folder lol is stashed somewhere with the answers….lol

    thanks again….

    Financial Companion

    Hi Folks, Just in case you missed the other post about tomorrow. We are giving a talk to any mumstown members and their friends who would like to pop along in the D Hotel in Drogheda. We’ll be covering advice and tips about your personal financial planning aspects that are important as well as explaining some ways that you may be able to reduce your monthly outgoings! Coffee, Tea and bikkies will be provided. Talk will start at 11am so if you can arrive 5 or 10 minutes early to grab a coffee that would be great. It’s completely free and hopefully you will find it helpful and useful. Please let me know if you would like to attend (if you haven’t already) by replying here. Just ask at reception where to go for the mumstown/financial companion talk 😉

    Looking forward to seeing plenty of mumstowners! 😉

    Cheers, Dave.


    One of us will be there, think we can all do with some sound financial advice at the moment!! Nice there’s free tea, coffee & biscuits and the D usually validate the parking for people who are at the hotel for an event/meeting too, so no charge for that either. 😀

    Financial Companion

    So if you’re reading this Friday morning (18th Feb) and wondering what you could be doing productive for an hour or two today, the talk is in the D Hotel in Drogheda, kicks off at 11am (so get there a few minutes early to grab a free tea or coffee!) will only last about an hour or so and then we’ll take some questions. Could be the most productive thing you’ve done this year! 😉


    dj on his way!


    Thanks very much for this mornings informative meeting.

    I really enjoyed it and it was great to hear lots of financial advice presented in such a nice relaxed and pleasant manner!!!

    The meeting rooms at the D hotel were fab too, and they had..quite possibly the tastiest biscuits I have ever tasted 😀 😀 I ate 3..it doesn’t sound a lot but they were huge yum yum…

    I will attend every free meeting I ever see advertised for the D hotel just to sample the bickies again 😳 😆

    Back to Dave he was brilliant at the talk and has really spured me on to look at our finances and I will talk to my Hubby about organising a meeting.

    I have a feeling that any one who sat down with Dave could end up with their financial lives sorted out 100% for the better!!!


    HMM….. I fully agree! Thanks to both Dave and the chap from Irish Life…. very informative, and beneficial…

    And damn…. those biccies were good! 😳


    oh yes and Irish life thanks a million..he certainly dispelled lots of the myths and supposed mystery you associate with life insurance etc.

    Financial Companion

    Thank you so much HMM and Chewie for those extremely kind comments!! 😉

    It’s not always easy to know which topics to cover and which to spend most time on but I think we got through some good stuff today and that was helped by some great questions as well both during and after the talk 😉

    Yeah those giant freshly baked cookies seemed to make friends with us very easily! 😆

    A big thank you to everyone that attended and contributed to today, there are some very helpful comments on the feedback forms which I will go through in more detail. For anyone that requested it, I will be in touch early next week.

    Just to clarify a couple of points that were asked at the end, firstly, there is no charge for carrying out a personal review, and secondly, they can be mornings, afternoons or evenings and usually in your home.

    If anyone has any other questions they would like to ask, or would like to arrange a review, or wants to hold one of the info coffee meetings in their own home, please feel free to contact me either by PM or email dave@financialcompanion.ie or phone 087-6414570. Keep an eye on the "ask the expert" section for various tips and advice! Dave 😉


    Thanks!!! sorry my form probably wasn’t much use too you , I’m the first to admit I am really stupid with financial stuff it goes right over my head filled with tweety birds 😆 and I leave EVERYTHING to dh to organise, but I think I will take more of a pro active role from now on and try and get a bit more organised.

    I am 😳 to say I don’t even know if we have life insurance 😳 but I am guessing we have to have it for the mortgage 😳 will ask dh later!!!

    Edited to say I will check what we have is worth pushing him down the stairs for or whether I should re adjsut the levels 😆


    Oh, those cookies!
    I took some home, along with great advice.

    This presentation made me want to be more proactive in the financial planning, not just in term of planning my next shopping list.
    Don’t know exactly what we have. It’s in a filing cabinet, that I’m going to open.

    Have more financial questions now. Will talk to dh, and get a consultation with Dave in a near future, to sort everything out.

    Thanks so much for this morning, and I’m not talking about the cookies (maybe I am 😆 )

    Yes, HMM, I agree with you, have to check all meetings in Dhotel from now on 😆 😆
    Ok, not great idea when new diet starting from monday.



    I will become a meeting "groupie" 😆 😆


    thank you to you both FC & Irish Life, for taking the time out to have this session this morning…even though I had to leave early and yes it did feel like I was back studying for my QFA1 – maybe i should do the rest?!! 😳 😳

    sorry I didn’t get to hear all that was covered – but I will be in contact shortly as I have plenty to ask you in many financial aspects!!!

    thank you again….sorry now I didn’t try one of those biscuits 🙁 🙁 😆


    Thank you very much for the advice received this morning, really enjoyed myself in such a relaxed atmosphere.

    Give me a lot to think about and will be looking for your advice, soon.

    Biscuits were yum.


    After this morning, I want few things :
    not in particaluar order, and some serious some not so serious
    – a lotto ticket
    – a financial review
    – recipe for those cookies, or even better try some of cookie monster bake, sure they are even better.
    – don’t want the detail of the calories content

    seriously, as you said before, many after coffee morning says it’s very informative, and it was.
    Felt really informative in a relaxing atmosphere, and no pressure put on us to have a review or to jump and buy any financial product.

    But Dave, you killed my dream about a new home, 3 days ago, still am in the grieving period. Could be a short one if I win the lotto tonight. Because I bought a ticket 😆
    Ok, for all the outsiders, Dave did not kill me dream, just told me what I knew with the current mortgage rate and all, it’s not going to happen straight away.

    So not used to buy lotto ticket, it took me 10 min to do it, reading all fine prints to know how many numbers, what lotto ticket (so many, eurolotto, plus, maxinumnerds or whatever).
    So I lost 10 min for a single lotto ticket, I culd have used it to dig out the contract of our mortgage cover, because don’t have a clue what’s in it.

    So now Dave you must pull your hair out (maybe that’s why you shave, after people like me 😆 ) thinking did she not understood what is was about?
    And it’s not about winning the lotto, it’s about what to do with your lifetime plan until you win and what to change if you do.
    But still it pushed me to buy a ticket.
    I let you know if I win. Meaning, you won’t hear anything.


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