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    Yesterday, the day after DH left for two months in Middle East as I was jumping into the shower, my 2yo caught his finger in a door jam – ‘a partial amputation’ to &quote the doctor. Blood everywhere, lots of roaring… 2 minutes to get 4 kids & mum into car on way to M1…

    The staff in OLOL really were lovely (hello Felicity!)- & worked with me & my situation. Had surgery this a.m. Back in 10 days to see if it has healed. Fingers crossed


    I think Felicity should be renamed Florence! She is so nice and was an angel to my little one when she was in earlier this week.

    Poor you pookie – hubby gone and an accident like that. Its not easy when there are 2 parents dealing with this kind of situation, never mind just one.

    Hope you can get some support from family & friends while the little guy recuperating.

    Our daughter was so poorly at the weekend with infection and all sorts but now today, she is a million times better, they bounce back so quickly and hopefully, it will be the same for your little guy.

    Hope you are ok too – it takes alot out of the mammies when the kids are hurt badly.


    Ouch………your poor son.I hope his finger heals really well & with no lasting damage.


    thanks for your lovely wishes but dont take this personally but i hope not to see you on the childrens ward again. hope this is the end of your bad luck. hope to meet you both soon for a cuppa


    I hope not to see you there either! We’ve had enough of hospitals for a while.

    While my daughter was in OLOL last week, my niece was in hospital in Jersey with pneumonia. Its been a nightmare week for our family.

    Both girls on the mend now. Thank goodness. 🙂


    His finger seems to be healing nicely. My neighbour is a nurse & re-dressed it today. OLOL said to leave it unchanged until next Fri, but there was no way the bandage would last 9 days on my wee man. The muck on it after 4 days. Yeuck!

    Kids can be so resilient. He hasn’t complained once apart from muttering about the ‘bad door’ every now and again. He seems to be coping well. I’m feeling better now that I have some evidence that it is healing, but Lord the whole saga took it out of me!

    Thanks again Felicity for the help. I was so spaced that it took me a minute to recognise you in uniform. If up Dundalk direction anytime buzz me if you still have the number or pm me. Def on for a cuppa.


    Poor little man and poor mammy!!! Hope you are both recovering.

    I have to say that both A&E and kids wards are brilliant in OLOL. my dd fractured and dislocated her little arm in April. they saw to her in less than a half hour and immediately gave her morphine while she waited to see doc and to get xrayed. Very traumatic for us all!!!

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