A&E Drama!

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    Hey,spent 4 hours in hospital last night,had rung the hospital as it seemed that I had a lot of the symptoms of preclampsia (protein in urine,huge weight gain,flashing lights/shapes in front of eyes etc),I thought that the midwife would just put my mind at rest & say it was all fine but she said to come straight in so they could put a trace on the babys heart & do a few tests on me.i have to say i felt so paniced going in & was an emotional wreck.I think because i am so close to the end of this pregnancy at 37 weeks the thought of something going wrong at this stage would be more than i could take.a good friend of mine lost her baby at 35 weeks to preeclampsia so i suppose it is on my mind a bit.

    anyway the baby seems to be fine & they were happy enough to let me go for now & said if i have anymore symptoms or a headache or sudden swelling of hands or feet to gostraight back in.

    so thats the latest my end,hope you are all well


    oh brenda…what a worry for you again…glad u seem to be ok..but would say go straight back in with any problems whatsoever…fingers crossed all will go well now for you but the last few weeks can be so stressful..i was exactly the same as you…

    thinking of you & hoping its not start of pre-eclampsia..when are you due to have another check up?i would maybe go checked again within couple days even if you dont feel any worse just to be sure.

    wont be long now thou..just keep picturing your gorgeous baby in your arms…

    Moonflower xx


    Another symptom can be pain in the chest.
    Don’t hesitate to go back to A&E if you’re worried.
    Few weeks to go, very stressfull, but you’re nearly there.
    Take care,


    you’re almost there Brenda and the last few weeks can be tough – if you have any symptoms at all don’ hesitate to go back to them. Best of luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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