9 weeks to go and i cannot sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi girls
    I am only getting about 4/5 hours sleep! this is not suppose to happen until after babs arrives!!
    Ive tried everything! :twisted: :twisted:
    I feel terrible because i just dont have the required amount if energy for my dd! :( She is so excited about the baby coming and keeps asking me whens its going to come out! and i am going to turn her off the child already if i keep going on about how mammy is too tired to play right now all the time! Painting is keeping her going for an hour or so but my god its like she gets a burst of energy just when im at my tired cranky moan about everything stage of the say! :roll: :roll: poor pet
    Ok rant over feel tonnes better now :lol:
    PS: Must try to be a better mum today will treat dd to a KFC (and me of course!)


    Hope you feel better now Happymammy…….its great to have rant on here and get things off chest isnt it…….but must be so hard for you not sleeping (have you thought about a Reflexology treatment :).

    I have days like that with my Ds and I am not even pg so being pg at least you have an excuse…….

    One of the best things I find to help me sleep and I loved drinking it during my pg with DS was Horlicks!! always helps me sleep wonderfully and I know my step dad who has an awful hernia on his tummy now swears by it at night as he had such terrible trouble sleeping…..

    Moonflower x


    Thanks moonflower. I love hot chocolate and its actually working!! Im sleeping so much better only baby will probably be born with a sweet tooth! 😆


    Even warm milk helps……….when i was pg i often used to get up in night and have glass of warm milk…….

    uhhmmmm……maybe thats why DS is still having the occasional warm milk bottle during night at 2 yrs old…… 😳

    but to tell truth I really dont mind, as if I am thirsty in night I like to have a drink so why should deprive Ds if he is thirsty and its getting less and less nights as he gets older……..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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