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    I would like to get in contact with other mums who have children with Eczema, especially around 8yrs age. Eczema is getting so bad, approx 60% of legs and arms are covered in sores. Brought to doctor , using creams and potions etc, interested in getting advice from Mums who are going through same. I am finding it very difficult seeing the pain it causes and worried that it will affect confidence… any help, greatfully appreciated…


    Hi Mowa
    I don’t know if this will help you but my 2 1/2 year old daughter had severe exzema and it only cleared when she was diagnosed with various food allergies and they were eliminated from her diet. Have the doctors suggested that she might have food allergies ??


    hi mowa . I know how terrible it is to see your child with eczema . two out of my three kids have it . My first is seven now just by pure luck i found two causes of it one was food with orange colouring like red cheddar cheese , concentrated orange juice (pure is fine) , orange lolly pops and so on . I also found shampoo or washing products that contained alcohol aggrevated it i would suggest oilatum shampoo and bath wash. i don’t know if you tried it but iswear by Diprobase you can buy it ina tube or large container. you apply it a least five times a day for as long as the eczema is aggrevated then less to keep it at bay anyone i told about it it has worked for so good luck


    Hi Mowa,

    My 2 and a half yr olds ecemza flared up last week so I know what you are going through. I brought him to docs and got steriod cream. It definitely took the redness out of the skin.

    I also started using parrafin cream instead of silcocks base. Doctor gave us info from patient.co.uk website. I found it interesting, you might pick up some tips. Doctor said the cold weather can trigger it too. Hope you see some improvement soon


    I remember being 7 years old with a bad case of it(still have a slight bit) but i was head to toe in sores!! i remember bathing in this brown stuff 😕
    That steroid cream was the only thing that saved my skin, but i lived through it, although I didn’t have many friends while i had it as they thought i was too ugly!!!! i had sores on my face too… 😳

    Now my 4 year old as it, but it is mild so i keep using the creams on her, i also remember not being allowed:
    Cats(their coat)
    washing powered had to be non bio
    any sweets with coloring in them
    any thing with E’s(this is colorings) in them like most sweets!!
    also my bedding had to be cotton
    also dont use Johnson and Johnson products as they irritate it….

    hope this is of some help
    🙂 🙂


    Ingredients to watch out for in bath products, baby products, shampoos, toothpastes etc:

    Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
    Sodium Laureth Sulphate
    Propylene Glycol

    I use Neways products, check them out at http://www.neways.co.uk they are brilliant. No nasty chemicals in them. Their baby powder is made from Tapioca starch, no talc in it as talc can be a big irritant. I also use Burts Bees, they are great too. Town Centre pharmacy has a great selection.

    Please PM me if you want any recommendations on Burts bees or Neways

    Hope it clears up or at the least, gets a bit better soon.


    As a child I had really bad eczema and my mam had to bathe me every few hours with silcocks base…it did eventually work and I now only get little bits on my arms..my son (4) would also have irritated skin that I suspect may be a mild form…have you considered bringing him to a homeopath…thats what I have started to do with my two for their various aliments!


    If you get porrage oats into a pair of tights, make a ball and tie off the tights… add this to the running water and it can be used as a lufa too…. it makes the water milky and great for the skin.

    Silcocks, large scoup in a bowl or very hot water to melt it, then add to the bath… just a little tip to mix it easier, if you add it to the lukewarm bath water it doesnt melt the best..


    Have you heard of Forever Freedom products that may help. They are all made from aloe vera which is very good and range from creams to drinks to make everything work from inside out. I suffer with very dry skin and the creams are very good. I have also started taking the drink aloe vera to help with a touch of artheritis I have in my fingers.


    try to choose products with no alcohol and lanolin also, only use cotton sheets, turn down the central heating, only cotton tights, socks, trousers etc.

    Elave products are fantastic, the oil is terrific in the bath particularly. ensure that you dont use a normal shampoo with colour or perfume, sodium laureth sulphate etc as these suds sit in the bath and irritate.

    Fewer chemicals = fewer flare-ups.


    HI mowa i understand your pain lots of good advice given it really is a matter of finding the best for your little man, my son had it from birth hes 11 now and really only started to ease of in the last two years, its some journey and i found it to be a very emotional one the bond between the mother and son really grows because you both feal a lot of pain and frustration togeather ,i also think children with eczema are very sensitive and need lots of love, last nite the baby was awake scratching the backs of his legs and it just made my heart sink its awful to watch them suffer,your a great mam reaching out and looking for help for him good luck to you both on a practical level visco paste bandages are very good. pm me if you need any help in future x


    Hi Mowa,

    I’m a distributor for forever living the aloe vera company we do a propolis cream that is recommended by great ormonde street hospital for children with skin conditions. It is pure aloe vera with bee propolis which is a natural antibiotic. Aloe vera penetrates 7 layers into the skin which means it is working on the dermis layer. I would also recommend using the aloe vera liquid soap for showering which actually has no soap in it just pure aloe that cleanses and moisturises the area removing all chemicals from the skin before using the propolis cream . As the cream and soap is working on the outside I would also recommend drinking the aloe vera gel to work on the skin from the inside. If you have any queries contact Fiona on 0872060718.


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