8 yo old boy drowns in Navan swimming pool

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    Did anyone else hear this on the news??

    My thoughts are with his family!

    But what I want to know is how it happened????
    It stated on the news that there were 8 lifeguards on duty yesterday and the swimming pool was full of parents and children.

    Seemingly the owners are trying to get in touch with the HSE to get councelling for the children that witnessed this.


    OH my god how awful! just read it there online! poor boy and his family 🙁

    those poor ppl who seen it aswell!!


    I know its heartbreaking, there were 80 swimmers in the pool and 8 lifeguards!!!!
    I heard he was swimming and got into trouble…. I was in the Westgate gym a few years ago and grabbed a child off the bottom of the pool, but he was just floating about down there (waving his arms to stay down there) I was morto 😳 😳 😳 But the dad said thanks as its good to know other parents were looking out for kids in trouble….. I would think twice doing it again as I felt like a weirdo 😯

    We were in the West County Hotel 9 years ago and the pool was closed off and loads of garda about… it turned out a 3 year old left the changing room and returned to the pool, the dad had 2 other kids to look after. He looked around and the child was gone, he ran around looking for him then went back to the pool only to find the child floating in the pool……. we were sick! People sat in the bar that night not even talking, Oh it was horrible and we were adults my heart goes out to those kids and the family of that poor boy….

    Just heard a child up north died while trying to rescue his dog from a river… .then the 6 week old baby that died in the fall 😯 My heart is breaking for all the families


    heartbreaking for the family….can not imagine the shock at how a simple swim turned out.

    If anyone out there is a lifeguard maybe they can answer…..but I do often wonder myself how 1 lifeguard sitting on the side of pool copes…….so many children play floating on the water when they have goggles on……and is it possible to actually watch all areas of the pool at one time with so many children in the pools especially during the school holidays.

    I know my own heart does miss a beat sometimes when I can’t see their little heads bobbing for a second….they can be swimming under the water.


    i got an awful fright last week dd got into the pool without her armbands , she jumped in any stayed under the water i legged it over and pulled her up by the back phew a few coughs and she was ok but it is so easy it happens


    Taylor, never think twice, imagined if you hadn’t reacted, your saved that little child. I know sometimes we feel we are overstepping the mark but better to be safe when it comes to something like that.

    God my heart is breaking for that poor family. Such a senseless tragedy.

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