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    Hi there,

    My eight month old son has been diagnosed with Eczema. I have been told to wash him in this particular cream & moisturise him with same.

    My worry is this is only a treatment but doesn’t really stop the eczema. I would prefer to establish what is causing it & prevent it – does anyone know if this is possible & if so, how would I go about it?

    Like could the eczema be caused by a food allergy & if I eliminate that food from his diet would it stop the eczema? Can food allergy testing be done on kids of only 8 months?

    There is no history of eczema in either families, so i am shocked that he has it.

    Any advise would be great.



    Hi Edel, sorry to hear about your DS. My two dont have it, but my niece was diagnosed by mild eczema when she was a baby. The doctor recommended that she switch to goats milk and apply Silkcoxs base which she still uses now, she is 11.

    Just spoke to my sis, she thinks that there is an alergy test, if you have introduced solids into his diets there maybe an intolerance to certain foods and this has caused it. Check with your local chemist they usually know if there are tests to be done. You see signs at the Chinese medicine shop but not sure if they do infants aswell.

    If you dont already do so, switch to Comfort Pure and non bio washing tablets. IF yuo bring Ds swimmimg apply the cream to his skin before going into the pool.

    Not an expert, these are just things i remember from my niece. Best of luck, and dont worry.


    there are allergy tests for infants, im thinking of bringing my 9 month old, i brought my other dd before. dont go to chinese place tho, try go to a homeopath. i have a number of a great one but its in portmarock in dublin. check with alison in almae healing, they might do it. its really horrible for kids. E45 showercream is great, use it in their bath and then use the moisteriser afterwards. Aqueous cream is also brill, its a big tub and much cheaper than e45, dairy is usually a trigger. hope you find something.


    if you’re looking for a homepath there’s a girl here RUBYMOM pm her she is local too in mornington…….

    my little fellow when he was a baby got dry skin not sure if was excema but he used to be in bits on his arms and some on his face, we stopped using baby wash and washed him in silcoks base all the time and then put that on too, stopped using softener in washing and eventually that helped, he still would get dry skin just have to put cream on, his feet are bad now, not athlete foot but have to get cream now for his feet…….

    if child real bad get an allergy test done know a girl who’s child had to get one done and she was and is still surprised at the amounts of things child has a reaction too……so at least you’ll be able to help monitor what your child eats or wears etc to ease skin…..best of luck



    Our current three year old is also suffering and she was/is bad.
    With her scratching, she was getting herself infected.
    We have tried silcoks base, e45 (similar to silcoks base) and other stuff.
    * At the very moment this week, our doctor put our daughter on a 3:2:1 short course of Prednesol tables to kill off any infection and is CLEARLY now helping her current skin inflammation which got worse than usual for a few days (the tablets can be used with other inflictions too apparently).
    * She is also now taking "Augmentin" a liquid medicine 3 times a day.
    * For very bad areas and days we also have "Hydrocortisyl Skin cream" that comes in a squeezable tube.
    Her face in particular has cleared up a bit for the moment, after she got the 3:2:1 treatment (3 pills in one day, two on the second day and one on the third day).

    Maybe you might mention this stuff to your doc, to see if these could be of use also. Each child obviously is different and other treatments might not apply at all to others but its worth mentioning. We were/are at a loss at times to help her suffering.

    Good luck with your child.


    Biggins your dd case sounds to me like she has an infection or open wounds/thorn skin. I personally woundnt use a steroid (Prednesol) on a young child. I normal cases this wouldnt be needed. Also just a word of warning be very carefull using the Hydrocortisyl, use only tiny amounts, also this should never be used on the skin on the face, as the skin on the face is thinner then the rest of your body and the Hydrocortisyl thins it even futher, use with caution.

    Edel I would recommed Emulsifying ointment rather then the silcocks base, or any of the Emlave or Olautum range. The Emulsifying ointment is very cheap and you can use for bathing too, if you add a large scoup into a bowl with very hot water and make a milk, then add to the bath. Use daily from head to toe paying special attention the elbows, crook of the arms, backs of the knees and under the chin. Plus dry skin very well.
    Use Fariy Non bio for baby clothes
    Wash all new clothes, sheets etc.. before you let ds wear them, the starch used or dust on clothes can be enough to cause a flare up. (ds is nearly 3 and Im still washing before he wears anything)
    If this doesnt clear after a few weeks, think about using soya milk and cheese.

    I had to us Hydrocortisy on ds arms and hands, I only had to use if for a few days and his latest flare up has cleared.
    Good luck
    Oh sweat can also cause a flare up too, so make sure he isnt sweating too much at night or nap time…. My ds sleeps with his arms bend and the crook of his arms are always problem areas


    Hi there…this might seem a bit wacky, but my dd had excema about 2 years ago, it was a mild enough case, but as my brother had severe excema as a baby i wasnt taking any chances, I tried the usual creams etc but I heard about a guy called Finbarr Nolan who is a healer in Dublin..I was a bit sceptical, but years ago my brothers excema was cured by a ‘quack’ or healer so I gave it a try. After 3 visits it worked and has never returned……He has a website, or if google it you’ll get his details

    It’s not for everyone, but hopefully it might help… 😀


    hi edel,
    sorry to hear about your son… but you are right to try to find what is the cause…
    very often food allergies might be the cause of eczema. the worst allergens are cow’s milk and all dairy, egg, fish, nut, wheat.
    your son is at the weaning age now, so be careful what you introduce in his diet. i would leave out fish, eggs till later. and any new product try to give avery couple of days and watch if eczema gets worse. as for the milk – there is a formula nutramigen specially design for babies with cow milk allergies, but before switching i would talk to a gp. and don’t introduce any other dairy in his diet. also almost half of the kids who are allergic to cow’s milk are also allergic to soya and goat;s milk too, so if you decide to introduce, do it slowly and watch ds reaction.
    you can do the blood test to see if your son has allergy, it’s called igE. it usually shows if there is an allergic reaction, but it doesn’t say what causes it. (there are ige tests for specific allergens, too), i am not sure about the patch or prick test , he might be too small, .
    you should ask your gp for referall to a specialist in a children hospital, if you insist, shouldn’t be a problem.
    i think scole mentioned a person we both know, whose dd was really affected by eczema, and now, after proper diagnosis, she looks so much better…
    my son has a milk allergy, he is 22 months now, doesn’t eat any dairy and is fine (he is still brfed though).
    about the skin relief treatments – girls wrote a lot of information.
    hopefully he gets better.
    http://www.actagainstallergy.ie/aaa_cou … tions.html
    there are some usefull info about allergies


    Thanks for all your mails. I feel much more informed now.

    I think my ds only has a mild form of eczema as I didn’t even know myself, I thought he just had dry skin patches under chin & on legs, arms & back (none at back of elbows or knees) but he was called back to the Rotunda Hospital last week for an unrelated issues & the first thing the consultant said was that he had eczema and to start using a cream (Silk cox base/ emulsifying ointment) daily & to wash him in it every second day.

    Jenny & Scole1, As I said I would prefer to get to the root of the problem, so going to bring him to a homeopath, as you suggested. I actually know that lady in Portmarnock & she is excellent, I go to her myself but not sure if she deals with infants. Will probably go Rubymom in Mornington as much more convenient. If you have her number please pm me? Thanks.

    Biggins, Sorry to hear your dd seems to have it bad. Did it come on gradually & get worse as she got older or was it always that bad?

    Lai, I already use comfort pure & fairy non-bio, so that should be helping. Taylor5, thanks for the tip on washing the clothes before he wears, I will do so in future. He does sweat a bit but hard to know how to stop that? Maybe I over dress him but he is prone to chest infections, so I am always trying to keep him warm & with our changing weather its hard to know what to dress him in.

    Started weaning my ds at 18 weeks as he was a very hungry baby. Tried to hold off & gave him hungrier baby milk but he wasn’t having it & had to start feeding him. He just loves food. He loves his milk, egg & fish, bloody typical that they are the things he will probably be allergic Too!!

    Dinomom, I will definitely check out Finbarr Nolans website & see if I’m into it.

    Kasia, thanks for that website, I will also have a look.

    I will try alternative methods before i go to gp. I don’t have much faith in them to be honest but of course will go if i have to.

    I’m delighted that I put this thread up now as I got so many ideas & information. You are all very good.


    Hi Edel,

    There are cases of youngsters being affected by materials around the house. I heard that in Germany al lot of cases were caused by chemicals in the wall paint etc…just a thought.


    OMG, MaryK, that is interesting. Not much i can do about that though, is there?


    Not really, but it might help to eliminate causes. I have a bit of skin problem too(no pics attached lol)So I know how it feels. Especially for kids, they can be in a lot of pain with it.


    Hi my little man is 2 and was diagnosed with eczema at a very young age too. We were using Silcox’s base etc and then he was referred to a specialist. Since we seen the specialist we were told to come off the Silcox’s base and use emulsifying ointment on him and a steroid cream for flare ups. He was back for his checkup last week and his skin is doing fantastic. They say its something that they can grow out of so fingers crossed that is what is happening. I haven’t changed anything in the house or in his diet but started withthe emulsifying ointment and the results were fantastic



    My ears were getting hot!….. homeopathy can certainly treat excema and with great success. I would agree with you Edel that creams etc seem to only treat the symptoms of excema without addressing the underlying cause.

    I think the homeopath in Portmarnock that some of you have mentioned in Sheelagh Beehan (01 8461276). She treats people of all ages, including infants. She was actually my supervisor during most of my training and I would thoroughly recommend her.

    As Scole mentioned I am based in Mornington, which may be more local for some of you. Please feel free to call me on 085 7609400. I am away until Monday (19th May) so might be best to leave it til after then.

    Some of you may be interested in Kinesiology also. Its a way of testing the body’s reaction to different food types, environmental stresses etc . So it helps in detecting those substances that the body doesn’t like or is allergic too. It can used on people all ages, infants/toddlers etc. You can get more info and a list of practitioners on http://www.kinesiology.ie.

    Best wishes,

    Ashling (Rubymum)


    my dd got it quite bad about a year ago and i was given a steroid cream to use on her… it cleared it up very quickly… i try to prevent it now by using e45 bubble bath and lots of baby oil and she hasn’t had a bad flare up in ages.
    i get it too and so does my bro who is in bits with it… he got this waxy stuff called rawlease (i think) which is brilliant… don’t think you can buy it here though which is a pity as it’s very natural

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