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    Our 7 year old son fell off his bike this evening and landed right onto his face. He busted his nose and lip (and despite my constant nagging he was not wearing his helmet at the time so right now, I feel like a very bad parent :oops: )

    Aside from the amount of blood, which was so scary, what was even worse was he blacked out for a few seconds and does not remember the fall or how he got from being outside the house laying on the ground, to being brought inside and put into the bath.

    It was terrifying; as we were washing him down, he was totally confused and asked if he was dreaming. He did not seem to remember falling over. That was our cue to call an ambulance and he swiftly was carted off to A&E.

    The staff were really nice but even as he was settled in to a cubicle, he was still a bit confused. I stayed with him until a while ago and my hubby has now taken over for the night. Home now and heading to bed (once my mind calms down a bit) but just wanted to say, if your kids are going out on their bikes tomorrow – make them put a helmet on. I wish I had been more stringent about it. His little head took some whack and I am praying he has not done any serious damage.

    Our poor little guy is now under observation for the next 24 hours and hopefully tomorrow he will be fine and able to come home but at the moment, we are worried about possible damage inside his head and the possibiilty of a CT scan tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed he will be ok – its gonna be a long night. :cry:


    Dear Lord, that must have been frightening all right! Thinking of you all….xxx


    oh sabbi what a fright – how is he this am?

    super minder

    omg reading this while given out to jack to make exsample of this. kids will fall and hurt them even with helmet pet.

    hope he gets on alright i hospital , they will meand him and you will love and cuddle him when hes home ……



    omg hope you’re little man is ok….thinking of you guys…please keep us posted


    Oh God…you must have gotten an awful fright! Hope he’s feeling better today xx


    I saw Sabbi this morning, 2 seconds on the school.
    He’s going out today.
    Big big scare, don’t know much, sure she’ll keep us posted.



    Hi all,

    He’s home and we just have to keep him in and keep a close eye on him. He is very tired, he got an awful fright and is very bruised, swollen and cut. His nose may be broken but will not be able to tell for about a week when the swelling comes down, at the moment it just looks swollen so hopefully its just bruised. The bones in kids noses are soft and not fully developed so it should heal by itself.

    On the lookout for signs of head trauma like vomiting etc but so far, he’s been keeping bits of food down but with his split lip he’s finding it hard to eat. Its looking much better today, very grateful he is feeling better, was worried sick last night.

    as my nanny says ‘he put the heart cross ways in me!’

    I hope he learns to wear his helmet all the time now, even when I’m not here nagging him….


    Thats great he is ok!!

    Now if only we can find a way to glue these helmets on their heads!!!


    OMG That must have been a terrible fright for you. So glad he’s home with you and you’re all feeling a bit better. They really are divils!! No matter how much you try to tell them, they still want to do their own thing! Hope he heals fast…..Lots of hugs and cuddles will help!


    oh my god…glad he is ok..head injuries are so frightening you don’t need much of a bang to do some serious damge..we were only discussing this on a thread a few weeks back


    Oh lord – what a fright. Hopefully he gets over it soon and is not in too much pain.


    glad to hear he’s home – you must have got some fright alright – lots of tlc


    Oh Sabbi thats terrible… im sure you not over the shock of what happened, Thank God he is okay, other then the cuts and brusies… the helmet wouldnt have protected his face, so stop beating yourself up over it… as my nana and mam would say "maybe its broken a bigger cross"… so maybe a lesson learnt, I bet he will have his helmet on the next time he falls.
    Try get him back on the bike quickly, you dont want him to get a fear of cycling

    This is the second child i’ve heard of this week, a friend on facebook her child was in for 3 days and need plastic surgery on his face.


    he is fragile and tired but must be getting better because he just blagged a calippo ice pop off me an hour before dinner. Which would never usually happen in this house

    But how can I say no to him today when he’s been through the wars…

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