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    Hi all,

    OK, i’m not gone crazy, i’m not proposing to bring her to leisureparks to play or anything :lol: but its A’s 6th birthday there in two weeks and I wondered will i bring her along? I think she’d love watching the kids and probably could sit in that small kids area for a little while. The thing is, what to do with her when the kids are having food. Any experiences? Does it get very loud in the party room?




    Do you mean Astrotots? I think they are the same place??? My dd had her birthday there this year and we took ds along (then 6 months). He sat with me while they played (dh kept an eye on the party kids but the tables are right there anyway and it was quiet) and we put him in the pram while they ate – there is a lift to get them up there. We were lucky and the only party on at that time so it wasn’t noisy at all and the staff were great with him. He couldn’t get enough of watching all the bigger kids.

    I hope it works out for you. 😀


    Thats what its called, thanks a million thats really helpful. I think she’ll be mesmerised watching them all.


    i took my little one to puddenhill when she was 8months (had older nephews/niece with me too) and she loved the ball area i waited till no other kids in it she bawled when i took her out, they also had another little play area that she played away in.
    like you say she’ll be mesmorised by the other kids running around

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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