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    I have 7 euro left over on my voucher for nelo maternity in Dublin .

    I won it here and got 3 lovely things in the sale.

    Won’t be going back down and who ever needs it can have it to put towards something nice.


    Do you know you can order online from them HMM? and they have baby stuff too, so you could get something for after baby is born like a baby bag or feeding cushion?

    I got lots of breastfeeding tops from them when my baby was born and they were so brilliant because they give you total discretion while feeding babs when out & about or even at home when you have people over. So if you are thinking of bf, maybe you should look at getting one or two of those.

    They are worth the spend – I had 3 and basically wore one of them every day for the entire time I was bf.



    Yeah maybe but if anyone is heading down soon and needs it they can have it.
    I don’t like ordering clothes online I need to try on


    The bf tops are brill, no need to try them on really because you would prob wear a shirt or top over them. I ordered large and should have ordered medium, they are quite generous. HTH. 😀

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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