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    Hi all,

    Didn’t ever think I would be pregnant or post anything but 6 weeks 2 days pregnant (according to the what to expect… iphone app) and have serious cramping.

    They are like menstral pains but have been coming and going for 3 / 4 days now and getting worse… is this normal?

    First pregnancy so not sure what to expect and although family and friends have had kids think it is too early to ask them for advise!



    Could be implantation pains? Or just general pains when u should have your period?

    Sorry cannot offer any more advice, call in to your doc or EPU as it may also be more serious eptopic or something.

    Best of luck xx


    Hi mammyt – i didn’t know i was pregnant on dd1 until i was 6weeks and no sooner had i found out i was pregnant when i started getting what felt like really bad period pains went on for a few days but was only implantationpains, i hadn’t heard of them before and i did think the worst -i didn’t have them to same extent on dd2 – i’d say if sitll having them have a word with gp but hopefully will have settled by now


    I agree with the others. Had terrible cramping early on with dd. Was very worried, but everything was fine and it apprears to have been implantation pains. ((hugs)) hope you are ok!


    Hey guys – thanks so much for the replies.

    I think it might be the implantation you are talking about… they are still there but not as bad and seem to settle when I eat (they get worse when I am hungry) so eating lots of crackers and fruit.

    Fingers crossed nothing is wrong… might not be planned but definitely wanted!


    Even though my boys are 12 and 9 now, this is still something I remember well from both their pregnancies. I was constantlyin the loo thinking I was going to get a period or something. I had these pains until about the 8th week and like you eating helped ease them.


    a friend of mine is actually 6weeks pregnant too and only rang last night to ask me did i ever have those pains. on dd1 they were really really bad, think they can happen on every pregnancy but believe on the first they are the worst…. oh and they don’t happen to everyone or on every pregnancy either

    Congrats on pregnancy btw


    oh yes i had these pains too…sometimes quite severe..hope all goes well for you as well 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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