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    Hi all,

    My baby girl developed a breast abscess at 6 weeks old. It started with small lump in each breast which was normal as my previous baby girl had this also (and common in all babies). At 4-5 weeks right side had gone down but left side didn’t, but i didn’t notice anything unusual with it. Made my 6 week check up but just before appointment little lump had formed into an abscess overnight. She ended up in Temple Street for 4 nights as she needed antibiotics intravenously. The absess burst by the time we got a bed in temple street. Was so upset for her :( and with myself for making a wrong judgment on this and wished I had brought her to GP sooner. I feel everyone thought I was careless :( She is fine now thank god :) , but I keep beating myself up every day over this and going back over everything in my head.
    I just wondered has anyone else heard of newborn developing breast abscess.


    Really sorry to hear that you had to go through all that.Im sure that they didnt think you were careless,these things happen.The main thing is that your baby is now fine & in time the memories of that stressful time in temple street will pass & you can just concentrate on the future.

    My daughter spent a month is temple street & i know for a fact that none of the staff would have been judging you,they are all very caring individual that would have just had your daughters best interests at heart.

    Try & not be so hard on yourself,you sound like you are doing your very best for your daughter.


    Hi Haileysmum,
    The staff in Temple street were brilliant, but I suppose I was just feeling so bad. I hope your little one is doing well also. Thanks for your kind words, and time is a great healer…..



    You poor thing. You know, if you had gone in sooner it may not have shown up as an abcess and they may have told you it was nothing and you would have berated yourself for being over protective!!

    As you had been through this with your previous daughter, there was no reason for you to think it would develop into anything sinister.So you should not be blaming yourself, you have a new baby and that in itself is overwhelming and we all make calls sometimes that later on wish we had done something differently. Its part of the joy (worry) of being a mam!

    The main thing is that she is ok. The poor little mite, it cannot have been nice for her but you could not have known.

    Please be nice to yourself today and treat yourself in some way if you can – us mums are too quick to blame ourselves on things when we are doing the best job we can do and should give ourselves more credit for all we do.

    Glad she is ok. Hope you can put it out of your mind and not feel bad for much longer about it. It was not your fault. Chin up!

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