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    This is so shocking. I literally cannot get my head around it.

    Two little girls, aged 6 & 9, who were playing in the front garden at a birthday party on Saturday afternoon were somehow coaxed to go across the road to the house of a man who has turned out to be a sex offender.

    This horrid excuse for a man, lured them across to his house – in broad daylight – and locked them in a room and seriously assaulted them.

    The two little girls somehow managed to escape through a window and ran back across to the house with the party and told the adults there what had happened.

    Understandably, there was uproar and an ambulance and the Gardai were called but before they arrived, some men from the party went to the house and gave the man a bit of a hiding. I cannot blame them – in all honesty, if someone did that to my child and my husband or I had a chance to get my hands on them, I don’t know what we would do but I would not be sorry if he got a few thumps.

    There were 2 other men in the house and I think they got a bit of beating too but they have since been released without charge and it seems they were not involved. Not sure how they did not know he brought 2 small girls in to the house though?

    Its the brazenness of it – taking these girls from a birthday party in the middle of the day. My girls go to parties and there are times when they play in the garden and it has made me really think about leaving them anywhere without me to be honest.

    I know that sounds like I may be over reacting but my girls are 6 & 8 and I keep thinking it could have been them. Its so horrible. Those poor little girls. :(


    I feel physically sick about this story. he is an absolute scum bag and he has wrecked so many lives with his horrific actions.

    Those poor little girls innocence & trust taken away. their poor parents having to deal with this happening to them.

    then there is the child & her family who had the party, they are never going to be able to forgive them selves for letting the girls out of their sight.

    Oh god,its just so so sad & traumatic,just devastating for all involved.

    I hope those girls are strong enough with the support of their families to get through this & come out the other side.

    my heart really just breaks for them


    I was just reading the irish examiner – I cried. so very sad. The monster went out to buy a bottle of vodka and they escaped.The other two were apparently so out of it on drink, they slept through the screams.

    Monster – he got off lightly if he got a hiding. He should be casterated and locked up for life.


    oh god mammycool thats bloody horrendous
    i’ve only read bits & pieces of it and it turns my stomachthe thoughts of it terrifies me
    thoughts and prayers are with those poor children and their families


    There is outrage in Athlone and I don’t blame the community for being upset. This man was known to the Gardai, so he has previous convictions probably. Are they for sex offences – probably. But due to his right to privacy this has not come out yet.

    So, basically, the parents in an area with a sex offender have no right to know about them.

    This gives the sex offender all the advantages because he gets a degree of anonymity and protection from the Gardai so he can prowl after little girls.

    It is really unacceptable.

    I hope the guy is hurting bad – that the parents gave him a bloody good kicking and he is in pain. Castration would be too good for him but I at least hope he is suffering.

    Sickening. Why was he allowed to ramble freely like this. I am outraged about this.

    I keep looking at mu daughters and thinking it could happen here. Really worrying


    i hope when he goes to prison he is attacked every day & then he will know how it feels ,death is too good for him,i hope he suffers for the rest of his life.


    The star have actually named the pervert. Which could give him a defence of being unable to have a fair trial!!!! It appears that his previous convictions were for burglary and assault.

    Yes, put him in Mountjoy and he would not last a week
    That will never happen – he will go in with other perverts for his safety.

    This is a very, very sad and sickening story – I don’t know how any child could recover but I hope and pray they will in time have some sort of normal life.


    The paper also said that he was ‘questioned’ in the case of a rape of a 16 year old girl and that he had a previous conviction for beating up his ex-girlfriend. But, he is allowed out to do what he likes.

    So called ‘Justice’ is so screwed up in this country. 😈 😈


    I really hope that the media have not jeopardised the case by naming him, how irresponsible would that be? They will have a lot to answer for if he can claim he did have a fair hearing.


    When all this happened I read a report on the statistics for terms imposed on rapists in Ireland. It was from 2007, so a bit out of date. We have been quite tough in the past – some offenders in the past have been given life sentences. It did say that the sentences were all custodial at that point in time. They appear to be getting a big more leniant, I definately remember two cases in the last year or so when the accused got a suspended sentence.

    I see the lawyers have asked for suicide watch and the judge for an assessment on his mental health – I hope this does not mean he is going to try to plead insanity.


    mammycool my mother was saying yesterday that she heard on radio that he was aiming for insanity plea – I really really hope he doesn’t get away with what he has done to those poor children


    Well – he was caught at the scene and I’m sure they will get him on dna. So, unless he pleads guilty, the only possible defence he could attempt would be insanity. Doubt very much if it will work!!

    I see he was in court today and looked to be moved out of Castlerea prison and into Cloverhill. The judge told him that he had no say in what prison he got into.

    Is Cloverhill where the sex offenders go? I think Castlerea would be a fairly open prison – they others might get their hands on him.

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