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    did anyone watch the Late Late show Friday night, it was comedy gold – for all the wrong reasons!!

    Liam Neeson was smashed, he is usually so reserved and in control but he was fairly well on and he was so funny. I reckon he had a sore head Saturday morning!! When he came out with his arms up, you knew Ryan had his work cur out for him trying to conduct an interview with someone drunk.

    Gaybo seemed a bit worse for wear too, knocking back the whiskey!

    Tommy Tiernan was not on long enough, he was brilliant as always.

    If you have not seen it, well worth a catch up on the RTE player, it was TV gold. Poor Ryan, he did his best with a very unruly bunch of guests.


    Yep it was funny alright – i didn’t watch it all
    The only guest i can’t stand was Twink oh that woman gets on my nerves – there were plenty more guests in the audience that would have made better guests than her 🙄

    Financial Companion

    Agreed Munchin, she thought it was the Twink show!! 🙄


    thats the wonder of sky plus – I fast forwarded mostof Twink, she is a nightmare and I thought she was very unprofessional the way she spoke about Linda Martin, like a spoiled schoolgirl. silly woman, she made a show of herself.


    I watched it on RTE player…. and fast forwarded lots of it…. so have no clue who "Twink" is… sorry, but not an Irish gal….

    I’ve now seen who Tommy Tiernan is… had heard of him, but didn’t know him… and I thought he was great….

    Had a wee giggle at Liam Neeson…. 😆

    And enjoyed Imelda and the fact that she was belting it out 10 wks from due date… LOVE it!

    And now for the next 50 years!


    Twink is a nutter, she has been in pantos & plays for years and acts like she is the most important actress to come out of Ireland. She can be highly irritating – she has talent as an actress in fairness to her – but she made herself look a right fool on Friday night. Felt bad for poor Ryan having to manage her!

    Tommy Tiernan is an absolute nutter but total genius. He does this really funny skit about an irish pub on fire, it is soooo funny and he does some really funny skits about sex, he is mad but really funny. He gets in to trouble alot….but a genuinely funny man and always worth a listen to.


    I never liked Twink after her dog tried to bite me, it was about 18 years ago, she was still living with her husband at the time. I was talking to him one day at the gate, just giving him the post and saying hello, Twink took a dislike to me after that, very jealous woman! God i wouldnt touch her husband the state of him, but i think she thought every woman fancied him….. she rammed a car in her driveway one evening thinking her husband was having an affair and this was his lovers car!!
    Her dog had me by that arm and was ripping my jacket to pieces, what she didnt call me!! She aint no lady i tell you!! I think the bitch let the dog out that day, but i could never prove it….. she was sued a year or so later when the local credit union were making a call to her house about her unpaid credit union loan!!! Fur coat no knickers springs to mind.
    I didnt watch it but i have it recorded, i did see patrick Kielty did tweet that he didnt know why he bothered to travel to the show as he couldnt get a word in with Twink


    To be honest the whole show made me cringe.

    They could of had a lot more deserving Irish people on it.

    Between Sinead O’Connor in her priest outfit, Gaybe coming on to Sinead, twinks little preformance & then Dickie Rock to finish it off – it was embarrassing. I just hope no one could see it abroad.

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