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    its is 10.30 pm i put dd to bed at 8 i read her a story every night dd is still awake this happens every night since she was 3 she used to wake up at 8 or 9 in the morning before she started school its getting so hard to get her out of the bed for school she is in senior infants now and i dont want her to be late in the morings. we share the same room in my parents house and i go to bed when is she is asleep some nights it can be 12 or 1 o clock by the time she nods off for the night she does be talking to her self in the bed i just ignore her and go asleep i feel like a zombie some days i just go back to bed when she is at school i do be so tired. any tips for me?


    does she lie in the bed or is she playing with toys reading books etc – my dd1 likes to do this so now it’s bedtime story – she has 10mins to do her think and then it’s lie down no toys, books etc etc and she’s usally gone soon after. Would your dd listen to gentle music maybe to help her nod off – i still do this occassionally myself never mind the kids 🙄
    If you’re DD is hard to get out of bed of a morning it does sounds like she needs more sleep – mine could occassionaly not go off until 9ish BUT would still be bouncing out of the bed at 6.30/7 the next morning.

    Another thing could be do you have a nighttime routine for her – i know she’s in school and all but we all still need the whole wind down time before bed, not necessarily anything extravagant – but PJ’s good 30mins before bed, glass of milk, and quiet time before actually getting into bed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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