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    Hi everyone, Looking for some ideas for my twins 4th birthday in April…have another bit to go but trying to get organised…we were thinking of having it at home but maybe getting a childrens entertainer in…anyone got any suggestions? Mine love dancing and music. games and also magicians…what child doesn’t:) also on the cake the boy who used to just go along with things has suddenly become more vocal! and wants his cake to be Thomas whereas my little girl wants a girly cake..what to do! Lovely problems to be having I know and i appreciate any suggestions:)


    Re… cake…. very simple… two smaller cakes together… ie… a Minnie / Mickey… or Giant cupcake Thomas… and girlie GCC dolls etc…
    Or, combine themes on one cake….

    Party itself…
    Well, my little madame is 6 in April, and last year I did a cupcake party for her in the house… all her little friends came over… I made cupcakes, and let them loose with sugarpaste, cutters, icing… you name it… they had a ball…

    This year, herself will also be having a party at home, and I’m thinking along the lines of an arts and crafts party… ie…. go to Dealz, load up on everything crafty, and let them loose… yes, there will be glitter, stickers and the lot, but what kid doesn’t like that kind of stuff? Hopefully they’ll enjoy… herself reckons its the way to go, so I think I’m sorted.

    In terms of entertainer…. http://www.facebook.com/pages/JoJos-Par … 5246189715

    Hope that helps, or gives you some inspiration!


    I had a joint party for my kids last Summer, Coulter & Black Cake design did a fabulous cake for them. One half was a private scene for my five year old son & the other was Princesses for my 2 year old Daughter. It was really great & only cost €30. Taste delicious too.


    Hi MaryE and Chewieodie. thanks for both your replies. We had our party and it was great! We used the children’s entertainment recommended and the kids had a fantasic time. Thank you!


    Glad to hear it went well – it can take alot of organising & hard work to keep the little ones happy!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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