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    Hi there,
    woundering what you think?

    Since Thursday evening, my 4 year old has had an itchy rash all over him.

    To me it looks similar to when i have had heat rash (while abroad). I think it is getting worse everytime i look at him but he is NOT SICK at all. Eating as normal too. He has already had the chicken pox, so its not that & looks different anyway.

    Ive been giving Phenergan the last two nights to stop the itching & help him sleep.

    Dont really want to have to bring him to the doctor as he is not sick.

    Hopefully something in nothing & will go away (hopefully) – what do you think?


    There is a pharmacy expert on here… perhaps post on there?

    The fact that he is not sick, no temp etc…. I would probably do the same, phenergan…. etc…. Also, if you’ve got a local pharmacist, I would just take him there, and ask the advice of the pharmacist.

    I remember doing that with my DD, who was covered head to toe in an itchy rash… but all else with her was 100%. Bottom line, it was discovered that she reacted to an antibiotic she had finished a week or two before, but there was a delayed reaction with her.

    A trip to the chemist wouldn’t cost you anything, but might just put your mind at ease?


    Pharmacy O Regan in Balbriggan are the new pharmacy experts, you can email the gals on carolmahon2005@hotmail.com and phone number for shop is 01 8414586.

    They are really nice & helpful and can take a look if you want to pop in. save a trip to the doc hopefully!


    my 5 yr old came out in a rash the other week and while she had been fighting a cold (like the rest of us) she seemed fine while rash was there – i took her to pharmacist who said possibly viral to give Zirtec and/or calpol and if got worse to take to the doctor – her arms were alot worse the next morning so we took her to doctor who said it was Viral ………. hate handing over €52 to be told it’s viral BUT at same time glad there was nothing wrong with dd as such – Rash eventually faded after a few days


    Just as an aside…. there is "slapped cheek" going around too….. My son has just had it…. starts off with rather rosy looking cheeks, which progresses to other parts of the body….. he wasn’t sick with it at all. Did look like something out of a horror movie though! 🙄


    Would he have developed the rash to something that he is being washed with? Or have you changed your brand of washing podwer/liquid lately? Sometimes these factors could have a reaction like this.

    I would be happy to send you some Elave samples if you would like to forward me your postal address – please email me at sales@ovelle.ie.



    Thank you so much for replies.

    Turns out it is "slap cheek", brought him doc on call as pharmasist thought he looked very sick & could be having a bad reaction to something.

    Anyway slap cheek is viral, so nothing can be really given for it, except the zirtec to keep him comfortable. He looks really bad, really covered in the rash but thankfully not sick but it is making him tired.

    God, i never even heard of slap cheek before this, the things you learn having kids.

    Hope my dd doesnt get it to but she probably already has it as they are always hugging & kissing.


    Oh, I feel your pain! I had my 4yo at Cottage Hospital over the weekend…. terrible terrible cough…. and high temps… generally unwell…. and now this morning the rash came out on her cheeks….
    I know exactly what to expect as I’ve just been through it with my 6yo. So, another Slapped cheek case here too.

    Its funny how kids react though…. himself, you wouldn’t even have known he was sick…. but herself is struggling… 🙁

    The good thing is… once its on their bodies, takes a couple of days and then its gone…

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