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    My son is almost 4 years old. We have spent the last year trying to get him cycling, but to absolutely no avail. He gets up on the bike (stabilisers and all) and goes backwards with the pedals. He WILL NOT push the pedals forward. He has no problem freewheeling down hills and has little fear. He will allow me to push him along, but will not go himself. He just will not push those damn pedals forward. His sister (5) has been cycling since she was born! It makes trips out on bikes a chore everytime. Ive been really patient with him, but I’m starting to despair.
    Has anyone had this problem and any advice, please?


    Every child is different.
    Of our 3 kids so far each acted and started cycling much different from the other.

    Our boy was very tentative for a long time, I would take him out night after night but to no avail, 2 seconds later you would find him climbing the tallest/biggest tree he could find. He got the knack when he was 4 anda half.

    Our girl who won’t go down a waterslide, wont climb a tree, walks into walls & doors but give her wheels or blades and shes poetry in motion…she was the youngest on our road at 3.

    Our Princess girl didn’t really care for long periods and would happily go around on stablisers for years got the hang of it on her birthday with her brand new bike which came without stablisers…she was 5.

    Each child different and each ready at their own time!

    Good luck, hope that helps.


    Its funny how they do things differently. Ours are all so different. It took 3 days to potty train our son and nearly 4 months to train our daughter! And she was 6 months older than he was!!

    Kids make no sense sometimes, you think siblings would be similar but nope, they defy all your expectations and do things their own way, in their own good time.

    He’ll probably just do it in his own time when you least expect it 🙂


    Thanks Jedt,

    Just the reminder I need. Of course I know all kids do things at their own pace. Its just I feel I had been giving him loads of time and was getting frustrated at how long it was going on. I’ll give him loads more time. Or maybe just cycling isnt his thing. Hes great at lots of other stuff.

    THanks again


    Our daughter can skate while listening to her walkman but she took ages to learn to ride a bike.

    Its frustrating sometimes but I suppose thats just part of being a parent!!


    Yeah I know oriordan it was the same with our boy, every day/night I had him out but had no success, everytime I let go he literally fell off.

    Just kept doing it and just like that he got it. Also your boy is still 3 – most kids are aged between 4&5, and I know of several kids aged older still on stabilisers.


    Just an update on the reluctant bike rider; we left the bike in the house all week, given the cold weather encouraging him to go on it and to push the pedals but with no pressure, and this has had great results!!! Hes now cycling round the house like a lunatic. Brought him out today and over the week end and hes flying it!! Hes even showing off how he can ride with his hands off the handlebars (stabilisers firmly in place). Bless him. We have a result!!!


    Same with our lads – love riding it in the house, up & down the hall.

    Also our kids were all different too. DS1 got bike from Santa when 3 & ignored it while DS2 tried to climb up on it. DS2 got the hang of cycling very quickly, probably because he had DS1 to catch. As for DS3, he’s a month short of his 2nd birthday, has his own 12" bike (with stabilisers), can climb up & down off it by himself with no bother, can more or less steer when brothers push him, & is getting the hang of just starting to get the hang of pedalling forward

    If anyone else in the same situation as oriordan, consider using a balance bike (looks just like a real one but without pedals or stabilisers). They push themselves along with their feet, can go blooming fast & when they feel the ‘need for speed’ they move on to the pedals…. Are using it as an optional ‘transition’ to bike without stabilisers


    Did you ever bring him to the playground in Drogheda, they have the little pedal roundabout thingy… that might help him or maybe try him on a go kart
    My 7 year old will not go on a bike, he just refuses point blank, he 4 year old brother thinks its cool to copy every bloody thing his big brother does so he wont use his bike. They use go karts but not bikes, i got fed up falling over bikes so i gave them away last year

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