4 UTI’s in 12 months – this is odd right?

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    Hey all,

    I am concerned about my 11 yr old daughter. In the past year she has had 4 Urinary Tract Infections and each time, she has needed an anti biotic. She is a strong, sturdy girl who plays alot of sports and is very active. She has a good diet and drinks alot of water each day.

    I am worried about the recurrence of this and the fact she is having so many anti biotics. I asked my GP this week to investigate further why this is happening to her and he said its not that uncommon for a girl her age but I honestly don’t know any other girl who is having UTI’s like this. I didn’t and none of my sisters did and none of my other daughters did. I think its a bit strange and want to know why its happening.

    The last time she had this infection, after 3 weeks it was not fully gone and she needed a double dose of anti biotics and it developed into ecoli!!

    This can’t be right surely??

    My GP agreed to send off a letter to have it looked at but he didn’t seem too bothered about it. Am I being over protective and worrying for nothing? I honestly don’t think this is normal!

    any advice or thoughts would be most welcome!!

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