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    i am at my wits end with dd the last 3 weeks she will not go asleep. she goes to bed at half 7 and is asleep by 8 but this has stoped and when she goes to bed at half 7 its nearly 1 am by the time she goes asleep. she was suposed to be back at school today but was sick with her tonsils she does suffer with them. i do share a room with her and i try to avoid going to bed the same time as her cause i want her to go asleep on her own. any advice would be lovely! (or a mallot) :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Some tips for sleeping:

    * Don’t give her any sugary foods or fizzy/sugary drinks after 4pm
    * Start to wind down around 6pm with a bath or story time
    * Make sure she has her dinner over at least two hour before bedtime, so its digested and does not prevent her falling asleep.

    Do you have a bedtime routine established? Its a good idea to make one and stick to it – whether its reading a story or giving her a bath, do the same thing each night and she will sleep better (usually works!)

    We find that routine is everything, when our kids are at home we do pajamas, teeth and then stories from 7.30pm and they are usually asleep by 8pm.

    When they stay with grandparents or we go away, that all goes out the window and its much harder to get them to sleep.

    Is there anything bothering her? Is she having problems with something and that could be keeping her awake?

    I remember we had a problem with our 3 year old where we had awful trouble getting her to sleep and she kept waking up crying and we were at out wits end with exhaustion trying to figure out what it was and it turns out, she had worms. Apparently its quite common in small children. Once we sorted it out, she went back to her routine of sleeping all night.

    Not nice but worth checking for…good luck!


    I’d say that is due to disruption re snow-xmas-weather etc.

    Reckon if u persist with u routine and/or advice abov all will return to normal soon.

    Key is to give her no attention while she still awake after the final goodnight. She soon get bored and fall asleep if she only talkin to wall!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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