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    PJ’s is great for that age, we had a few of our kids parties there and its one of their favourite spots. You could go with just a few close friends or make it a party with about 10 kids – they can do disco parties, its so cute looking at all those little people bopping away!

    Tayto park with family for a day out is nice if its sunny, we did that for our 4 year old last year and we all really enjoyed it

    Bouncy castle always goes down well with ages 3 and up – you just have to be careful not to let bigger kids squash the smaller ones. again, thats weather dependant.

    With this unpredictable Irish weather PJ’s might be the best option!

    HTH :D


    Ok so my little man is going to be three where have the years gone
    So what to do …. Do others have parties for 3yr olds with friends or just low key family and close friends?
    I’ve looked at magician but too young
    Would love fire station but don’t allow visits anymore so I’m lost as what to do just let the kids come play and eat would that be enough?


    i always have dd’s party in my house get a few of friends over get banners and balloons with all her favorite characters on make pizzas, nuggets and sausages give them loads of sweets, crisps and a good cake some games and then they spend the rest of the party on the trampoline while i clean up 🙄 😥 . dd loves it.


    The other day Groupon had offers on entrance for the red mountain farm.
    It could be nice for a birthday, just bring your cake and few drinks and crisps around picnic table after petting the animals.

    I got my ticket will go one day over the summer (if we get any 😮 😮 )



    we had dd2s 3yr party the bank holiday weekend but we literally had my family over – did lunch and b’day cake and some sweets etc for the kids. We did put balloons up for her and she picked out minnie mouse plates and party blowers – she was so excited this yr but we kept it to just family and she had a ball.

    Yep i can’t believe they’re 3 either!


    I think at 3 keep it low key, but still good fun… a family BBQ and a cake or all his pals over for cake and rice Krispie buns, i find the small kids love movies, go to the market and get a new kids movie that they havent seen and have as a back up in case of bad weather…
    Simple things like bubble machines in the garden and some dancing to Jedward 😆 😆 😆


    I also agree with Taylor5m that simple things such as having bubble machines can go a long way 🙂 Or even having some face painting. The face paint doesn’t have to be perfect, you could even buy the face paint and do it with the little ones yourself! It could be great fun 🙂

    I also saw a children’s party a couple of weeks ago, and they had a man that had brought with him a few animals and was showing them to the children (bunnies, turtles, lizards, etc). The turtle was quite big and walking on the floor as the children sat around in a circle, and the children absolutely loved it! I thoughtit was a lovely idea. 🙂

    Fota Island Spa


    thanks girls for the ideas…

    i have looked into fire engine limo, magician, party play bus, mobile farm etc all over the 200e some even 300e mark i think a little too much to pay for his birthday….

    so it’s gonna be a home party with a few kids fireman theme…i have bought little water pistol guns, fireman hats, and the food will be fruit cups, sweets fireman themed array, cookie cut shaped sandwhiches, and ice cream from the local icecream van….

    so we will have a firing water hose, (garden hose at play house) pinata (homemade) face painting that i can do, pass the parcel, and wait for it…special guest apperance of …..Fireman Sam…i managed to hire a fireman sam mascot for the whole weekend so some poor begger will have to dress up for about 1/2hr to say hello get photos taken etc….
    after all he requested a fireman at his party so who better than fireman sam himself….

    so having traweled the internet over the weekend and ideas from a creative friend for ideas etc this is what we are planning on doing let’s hope the sun shines even just for the two hours or so….


    I got balloons in Boyds for ds’s last party, i was making hats and swords, you can make fancy stuff like flowers, i stuck to the easy stuff…. great instructions in the packet


    Im having a joint party for my kids in August. They want it at home with a bouncing castle. Anyone have any recommedations for places to hire? How much do they even cost?

    I looked into entertainer but couldnt believe the price. Its more expensive then going to a playcentre & you would still have to supply food etc. So knocked that idea on the head. I will just have to entertain them myself.

    Getting a little stresed at the thoughts of it all to be honest, keep hoping they will change there mind. Actually, what do you think of parties at Kangaroo Klub? Been to Astro tots parties too many times but wouldnt mind somewhere else. Pjs too far away.


    You could get a decent sized bouncy castle from 60 to 110 euro. My neighbour got one recently for 60 – and it was a good big one. Some company in Cavan – dunno the name.

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