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    have my 3d scan today can’t wait will let ya’s know how it goes…..

    getting done in blackrock dublin……



    well the baby wouldn’t perform, had it’s face to my spine and nestled into the placenta, got a few peeks at baby but pics not overlly clear as baby covered face and hid…..found out what we’re having with baby moving legs apart for split second…

    i was there 3 and half hours….ahhh infairness they were so nice they told me to go off and have something to eat, have some sugar drink some coke and had 2 bottles of lucozade aswell, however at one stage baby just looked smiled then turned away as if to say feck off i’m fine where i am….the poor woman doing the scan had her work cut out for her as baby just refused to move and she tried her vey hardest to get pics….could’ve rebooked but we got more than we should’ve but delighted any way, amazing to see the features in 3d and not skeleton like….here’s to the big day when baby comes…..

    defo recommend to anyone expecting but perhaps wait til about 28 weeks and baby more co-operative….


    oh what are you having scole .


    well it’s another little boy saw a little sticky out thing….lol……..said hamburger 3 lines is a girl, but lttle turtle is a boy, and we saw a sticky out thing lol……

    was convinced having a girl as was so sick and this pregnancy is so different compared to ds1 then all last week kept thinking no it’s gonna be a boy then saw peek yesterday, she checked 3 times and it didn’t change…..so a little brother for my big boy, and funny enough he kept telling me that we were having a boy baby all the time should’ve listened to him……handy as have all boys stuff here so just a case of washing…..


    Congrats Scole – little boys are so much fun. I was convinced on my first that it was a girl. Everyone kept telling me that it was a girl and that the first born in my hubbys family was always a girl. I was a bit shocked then when I had a boy but would not change him for the world 😀

    I heard that those scans were brilliant and well worth getting but I want the surprise on the sex.


    ah it’s amazing to see to be honest but they won’t tell you the sex if you don’t want to know, as they search seperately for the bits and bobs….


    i saw your pics on facebook, they look really cool
    children are usually right with guessing if the baby is boy/girl
    D always said i was having a girl and she was right too 🙄 😆
    congrats 😀


    Ah thats great Scole – congrats!!!!


    ah scole thats brill – congratualtions

    if we ask dd is she having a brother or sister she tells us "a baby" so not alot for us to go on there eh!!!!!!!!

    have a scan later today in hopsital – still not sure if going to ask or not 😆 😆 dh wants to know im not 100% sure


    i had a scan tismorning all well with baby .im 15 weeks now .think i will get a 3d one at 20 weeks cos the pics arnt great 🙁


    Congrats Scole a baby brother for C is great!!!!

    Well done Rossy!! Never really got the whole idea of scan photos myself , they all look the same 😆 I am convinced they give the same pic to every one 😆 😆


    cool another boyo 🙂

    them 3d scans are cool but i was quite happy with my normal scan pic hahaha.

    my friend got the 3d one done and to be honest when he came out 3 weeks ago looked NOTHING like the 3d at all!!!!!


    I told ya it was a boy!!! 😆


    you obviuosly could see things happy i couldn’t until pointed out….lol…..yeah looking forward to babs now, have to start rooting through baby clothes and rewash etc….

    thanks all so excited…..how’s all the other mummies to be….


    Great news Scole, as you say at least you’ll get use out of DS1’s clothes! Had my second hosp appt yesterday, placenta still low and baby is breech at the mo but plenty of time for everything to move about. I told them that I didn’t want to be induced this time if I go over but to go straight for the c section and she agreed immediately as apparently I have an unfavourable cervix! But, I am hoping that labour will progress naturally second time round.

    How all the other M2B’S?

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