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    Hey……I went for my 32 week check up today & the midwife at the clinic wasnt happy with how the bump is measuring. At 30 weeks i was measuring 31 weeks,now at 32 weeks im measuring 35 weeks.I have to go into the hospital tomorrow for a scan & there was talk of gestational diabetes,big baby or a lot of fluid.

    I am going to try & not tie myself in knots about it over night & hopefully my mind will be put to rest tomorrow & everything will be ok with the baby.

    I feel i always seem to be posting negative messages on this site,but i just seem to have had one worry after another with this pregnancy,i hope i am not coming across as a moany hole.i just really want this baby to be ok,have wanted it for so long.

    hopefully i will have some good news to post here tomorrow after hospital visit.


    Try not to worry, stress cannot be good for you right now. This is your 1st pregnancy and you are bound to have lots of questions and concerns and that is exactly what Mumstown is here for. We’ve all felt like this at one time or another so don’t worry about that.

    Just rest and relax as much as possible and take comfort in knowing you will be looked after when you do go in. if there is anything to worry about its good you will be monitored and you’ll be in the right place.

    have a good sleep, you’ll feel better in the morning hopefully. xx


    I am almost 36 weeks pregnant and have gestational diabetes. Its not the end of the world. Baby was measuring big at 28 weeks but I have been on a restricted diet since then and baby is way down in the normal range now. I havent had to take insulin, but have met lots of women who have and they said its annoying but not the end of the world as they know its only for a few weeks. Try relax and if you want any info about GD just give me a shout and I will answer what I can.


    Good luck this morning brenda
    it happens quite often that bump measures big and it’s better to have it checked out than not. If it is GD hopefully a restricted diet will sort things out happened my sister at 32weeks and all was fine.
    Let us know how you get on, oh and sabbisays it’s first baby so only natural to have worrys and questions


    Hi Brenda, hope you got on ok this morning…i was in same clinic as gestational diabetes mums2 be due to my thyroid issues & it did seem to be quite common as they were always very busy waiting rooms so hopefully it wasnt that but if so i am sure you will be well looked after for your remaining pregnancy…

    dont worry about posting loads especially as weeks go on..look at me..i got myself in a real pickle towards end & found typing on here a great comfort…

    my little bundle is now 6 days old..cant believe thsi time last week he was still snuggled up inside me…time will fly for you as well now you are in final countdown.



    phewwwww…….Doctor said that although bump is measuring big the baby is measuring at the right size.he checked and measured it on the scan,so its a huge relief.

    they are going to keep a closer eye on me & they want me to attend at the rotunda instead of doing the combined care with the clinic as they only have midwives there and they want a doctor to see me each visit now.

    Thanks everyone for responding & giving me helpful advice as always


    Great news Brenda x

    Not long now!!

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