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    My friend is trying to find a home for a three year old thoroughbred horse. He is chestnut and approx 16.1 / 16.2 hh. He has had a wind operation and is not suitable for racing but would be fine for hacking/showjumping etc (with additional schooling of course). I know this is a long shot but if anyone is interested please contact me as soon as possible. PS. He is a young horse so whoever takes him would need to be a fairly competent rider.


    Hi RazzleDazzle,

    My sister in law is involved with horses so I’ll ask her if she knows anyone who might be interested….


    Thanks a mill Sabbi – much appreciated 🙂


    I’ll ask my neighbour he travels all over the europe to horse jumping comps


    fabienne??? only joking…you know you are not allowed one yet!!

    Heard very sad story fo horse in mornington that was killed in road recently…such a shame..it escaped from its field..but dont think it was properly secured in first place…..

    hope this horse gets lovely safe home…


    Can’t be for me soooooooooooo sad, but I’m going to give the info to the girl who lend me her gear every week for my riding lesson.


    Fabienne, where do you go for riding lessons?

    dd almost 6 and been pestering me all year to take her. Am thinking of resurrecting my own horse-rididng days and going with her if can find a decent recommendation.

    Have heard Castle something in Julianstown decent?


    Doing in castlehill Julainstown.
    It’s great.
    They have differnet days and time for adults depending on level.
    If you want number let me know.



    just read your post correctly this time.
    The instructor is a lovely woman mum of 1 at least. Her child is about 6ish years old.
    So on top of her qualifications she’s got some personal experience with kids.
    Never seen a kid lesson there, but it’s a great place.

    I asked her about my onw kids, she said not before 6 years old, but said as well, even if they’re really carefull about giving the right poney to the right child, if the child is small (in size) being on a poney can put some pressure on the hips/joints as the poney can be quite wide for kids legs.
    So it’s a question of age, but as well right size for age.
    So 6 years old is on average, but it’s down to parents to make the choice.
    my dd will have to wait a bit longer, she’s so petite.

    But I’m glad that she was honest with me and not just trying to get an extra kid in the class.
    Twice during the summer my kids are walking on a poney for 30 min at the time, in France, and they really enjoy it.

    Talk soon,


    She sounds sound!

    Dd 6 in Dec, but v tall, in 7/8 yr old clothes 4 the height. Av build also, not heifer but defo not petite so would prob be fine.

    Might do it as Xmas gift 4 her, get the gear and book some lessons.

    Would like to go down have a shufty at place beforehand and check it out in terms of what I may do too!

    Will get more info off u soon.

    Thanks a mill.


    dd will be 6 in april, she still fits in last year clothes.
    Bought new track suit for school, size 26 as she was 24 last year. She might wear it in june!
    So she’ll have to wait a long time before regular riding lessons.

    Talk soon.


    Thanks for the replies girls 😀


    Hi RazzleDazzle,

    Has your friend had any look with the horse? I have a horse my self that I keep in a yard in Kinsely, if you had notice/advertisement I could stick some up around some of the local stables if you like?


    I have someone looking at the horse, so with a bit of luck it will find a new home


    Thanks for that BestAunt…hopefully Taylor’s contact will take him but if not I’ll let you know. 😀

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