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    My post about my 28 day OFD diet plan was lost with the dastardly server issues so wanted to get another one going because so many people have been asking me about it.

    I did this Operation Fat Destruction plan back in March/April. I was feeling very sluggish at the time and was struggling to lose my belly fat and could not understand why, despite plenty of exercise, I could not change the shape of my middle area.

    So, I signed up for this plan with LabFitness. It is a 28 day plan where you learn about how to eat properly. It is not a ‘diet’ – it is a clever plan where you learn how to mix foods together to eat healthily for you personally.

    Before you start you fill in a long questionnaire – this takes at least an hour – and you should do it when you won’t be interrupted by kids etc so maybe do it when the kids are in school or gone to bed.

    Once you give Laura your forms all filled in, she will give you back a plan for which diet you should be on. In addition to the diet plan, there are exercise you do each week.

    You can do the exercises at home, which I sometimes do, or you can go to classes at LabFitness. I try to get to 2 classes a week at Labfitness because I work so much harder there than I do at home and I like the camaraderie of being with other people (as the saying goes, misery loves company!)

    I followed the plan most of the time and I had my cheat days at the weekend where I would have some wine or chocolate or a takeaway. I stayed off tea & coffee for the duration of the plan and had a lot of green tea – which I genuinely came to like.

    All in all, it was tough for the first few days but once I got into it, I felt great. My energy levels went up and I slept better and felt generally really good.

    I have kept up many aspects of the diet plan since my 28 days ended and I still go to 1-2 classes a week and do some exercise at home too. I got measured before and after and here were the results:
    Chest – lost 5cm
    Waist – lost 6cm
    hips – lost 9cm
    thigh – lost 1cm

    I have been fluey for the past week and have not been to a class or gone for a run in 9 days and I feel bloody terrible for it. I miss exercising. I miss how well I usually feel and how well my energy levels are when I am following the plan and exercising. I cannot wait to be back to myself so I can get back to classes etc.

    but even though I am under the weather at the moment, I am still having most of my meals as per the diet plan that Laura recommended for me. This goes to how that it is doable even when I am not feeling well. That’s how I know its a good one and one that I would recommnd. :D

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