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    Hello all.

    Have been awol for months due to combination rubbish things this yr, inc a deserting dh when things got challenging with ds with SN, dropping out of uni course as a result, grappling with changing day-day living arrangements in terms minding kids with little/no input with kids, being broke, being bored, being lonely, being daft re amor. But am back. cannot wait to see back of 2011 as i know nor can many of you, but am in trepidation bout what 2012 holds.

    Have concluded there are 2 ways to look at this. 1) abject horror and/or blind panic or 2) take a hand in my own fate and look for positive opportunities to enhance my life and general well-being as well as that of my kids next year. So, my question, what are ye all intending to do in 2012 to make your own lives better, cos I need some positive inspiration! :-)

    (on a plus note, silver linings and all, 2011 did see me lose 4 stone with no ww, sw, fad diets or pills, so u gotta take the positives, i guess!!!)


    Hi Hjs,

    Sorry to hear that you have had such a tough year, you poor thing.

    Didnt really enjoy 2011 myself, a few bad things happened (sick family members mainly) that dont look like getting any better in 2012.

    I also have to go back to work full time in 2012, cant job share anymore, i know that im lucky to have a job but i dont know if i will be able to cope working full time with 2 small children. Loads of people do it, so im sure ill be fine but not looking forward to it.

    Im a bit afraid of 2012 to be honest. Normally i look forward to a new year but im scared of this new year.

    Sorry, i dont have too much positivity but im sure others do.

    Take care of yourself.


    Hjs your looking fab, i did think dh would have seen the wood from the trees by now!!!
    4 Stone wow!!! there must be none of you there. Missus you have been a rock and great support to people on here, you know anytime you need help with the kids just call.

    I want to see the back of 2011, if i hear the word Cancer in 2012 i will scream!!! Another family member waiting on test results on the 19th, how can cancer hit so many people in the one family in one year….. Im going to start 2012 as i finished 2011, im living life for the now! I didnt waste money in the Celtic tiger days and life is too short, im living like each day is my last and going mental 🙄

    Here is to Health and Happiness in 2012….. and the strenght to get over anything thrown at us!


    HJS sorry to hear that 2011 has been such a hard year for you missus 🙁 but I love your attititude, brush yourself off and back up there again.

    Seen some pics of u, and ur looking fantastic 🙂

    If u ever want to meet for a coffee anytime im always around too, just to waffle about anything really helps the owl body and soul.
    I have had different reasons myself in the past, boredom, lonely and being daft lol, but i find, its a great tonic to just get out there, talk, have a cuppa and it all does get a lot better!



    i wrote a big long post yest and lost it some how!
    Just wanted to say sorry you had a bad yr hjs but i love your attitude and i’m hoping that with an attitude like yours 2012 will be kinder to you!

    Have to be positive about the future or we’d never do anything I suppose 🙄

    Must try and organise a sat meet in the new year for the mammy’s and kids


    Mmm…. 2011 has been somewhat of a challenge for a lot of folk….
    and Hjs, we shall continue to have our bonding sessions! I’ve seen the change in you, from where you were, to where you are now, and let me tell you, you should be so proud of yourself…. you know what I’m talking about. You have overcome many obstacles, and that is testimony to the person that you are….. 😉

    What I’ve learnt from 2011, is that despite serious challenges that we, as a family, had to face, we have managed to come through on the other side, stronger for it. What I’ve learnt and seen is true compassion, generosity and kindness in folk. With being involved in Angel Healing, I’ve had folk come to me who are in desperate situations, mostly through loss of one sort of the other, and it humbles you to realise that a lot of people are in such pain, yet they continue to give of themselves and their time for others…
    I’ve learnt the value of true friendship, and boy am I blessed to have some absolutely incredible people in my life….

    How will I face 2012? With a smile on my face and in anticipation of the opportunities that it will bring to me and those close to me. I have certain goals that I want to achieve in 2012, and I intend to make sure that I achieve them. I believe in living in the present…. the future is gone, it cant be changed…. if I’m unhappy in a situation, then instead of sitting on my backside, what can I do to make it better?

    When I’m having a "down" day, and yes, we all have them….. I think to myself…. "Just think of the lowly kettle, even though up to it’s neck in boiling water, it still continues to sing!"


    Yep, 2011 can go and shove itself where the sun don’t shine! 😆

    Hjs, 4 stone? Wow! That explains why I thought some of your pics on FB were of a younger sister 😆

    Both myself and a few close people around me have faced challenges this year that no decent, caring person deserves but I’m going to consider a phrase I often use, "when you lose, don’t lose the lesson". When I was booking my annual MRI scan yesterday, my "Angel" (no other word to describe the level of caring, support, advice and friendship that my main point of contact in Cappagh Hospital has been!) was telling me about one of her patients recently that after just finishing her chemo and radium for cancer, found out her child also has cancer!

    I’m looking forward to using the health I still have to drag things back into positivity in 2012. There are positives out there. The Local Heroes initiative is an example of that. A simple offering to help somebody with advice led to the Tubrity show using me on a regular basis, so I’ll keep seeking out the positives while appreciating what is all around me.

    May 2012 keep you all healthy, positive and safe 😉


    HJS – so sorry you had a tough year… but you are obviously coming out on the great side of it.. seen pics and you look fantastic!!!

    You have great positivity, so if anyone can make it better you can!


    hjs I think what you should try to remember is that its his loss. you are fab, funny, feisty, intelligent and a great person to be around and you deserve someone who realises all that and worships the ground you walk on and with the way you are coming out of this year, stronger in mind, body & spirit hopefully lots of good things will come your way in 2012.

    we have had a mixed year. the birth of Summer was the highlight and our other 3 children are all thriving so we are very thankful for that. My MIL getting cancer was very worrying but she is doing well and nearing the end of the treatments soon and we hope and pray, she will be ok after that.

    it has been a tough year to be living in Ireland but things like local heroes and the generosity of people in swap shop and at charity events etc humbles me. its amazing how people still want to help each other, despite their own worries.


    hjs I think what you should try to remember is that its his loss. you are fab, funny, feisty, intelligent and a great person to be around and you deserve someone who realises all that and worships the ground you walk on and with the way you are coming out of this year, stronger in mind, body & spirit hopefully lots of good things will come your way in 2012.

    Very well said, hjs is one in a million…. i have heard of so many fathers who "jump ship" with excuses of i cant cope with the stress of a child with ADHD etc. You never hear of a mammy walking away when the going gets tough

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