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    so no doubt people have stacks of photos and wondering on an easy yet delightful pressie for the grandparents, BOyds on west street have phot calendars for 1.99e and wow they can turn out great, i sat today and did some calendars for the grandparents and great grannies, cheap and effective, i usually buy on line and do them through vista print, and cost about 10e a calendar….being forgetful this year and not having all the pics i wanted i decided would so diy ones, and they i think have turned out better than the previous years….best of all the photos can be taken out if the receiver likes particular photos…

    so looking for one and want to be creativehead to boyds and you can print pics anywhere even at home simples :wink: …..

    just thought i’d share


    I used to buy on Line too – BUT last year i brought in Boyds too – we had great fun doing them

    I did one last year for a friend who was 40th – over the last 40 yrs – she was thrilled.

    Great afternoon of fun doing them too


    oh thats great… have LOADS of photos of the kids and their nanas, cant wait to get to boyds lol


    Just got a calender done today of the Grandkids for nana & grandad in Hickeys on West street. They are just lovely. They were 11.99 each which is certainly more expensive than Boyds! But they do look very professional. Also priced them in the Kodak shop in meatmarket lane & they were 30.00!!! A bit steep.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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