20% off all clothing in tesco today

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    The offer excludes underwear and socks,


    Was the same yesterday too.

    I personally feel that the sterling price was a better offer. But now if you look at their clothes £20 €23 for a jumper when say 3 months ago tht jumper would have been £15…I htink we are being fobbed off BIG TIME!!!


    Noticed taht yesterday too…. cold meat i would buy every week had gone up from 69 cent (iiny packet so no waste) now 130… lyons decafetes pink box was 3.79 now 5.30….. think they are fobbing us off all right
    My shopping was 180 euro this week 😯


    I think Tesco has put their prices up on lots of things, especially the clothing. It was good when they did the euro to sterling at the same rate but its been creeping back up lately. I also noticed the food getting expensive again. I’m off to Super Valu before I head up there today…


    They must think their customers dont notice, But if you shop there every week, like I always did, of course your going to notice


    yes was in there today 20% off the clothing at least the sterling prices on the tags are quite close to the euro price not like some other retailers

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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