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    my son is 20 months and still not walking, he is on his feet a lot and very sturdy id say he will walk soon he’s just being lazy . been to health nurse she says he’s fine . anyone else in the same boat?


    all children are individuals…. He will walk at his own time….


    my son was 2 befor he walked, his sisters were 11 months
    don’t worry about it all children get to it at their own pace


    i know it can be frustrating that he’s not walking when you see lots of other babies walking, he will when it’s his time to walk he may just be lacking a bit of confidence when it comes to walking, but i’m sure when he feels good and ready he will…..i’ve seen babies walking at 9 monthss my ds walked at 14 months and then i’ve seen other babies walk at 22months….so don’t be panicking….as the girls said all babies are different


    ds was 2 before he walked but my other ds is 14 months now and a little terror in to everything you have to watch him like a hawk


    Two of my friends who have daughters who are 18 months & neither of them are walking yet!!

    If your little man is sturdy on his feet, then i would say it wont be long.


    Main thing is not to worry, it all gets manic once they are mobile. P walked at 19mths and D was 20 months.


    My ds was 18 months, ds2 wants to walk now at 9 months!!!

    Dont worry or listen to anyone, as long as they are showing intrest in standing by 18 months and they can stand with ease holding onto something then thats normal…… my ds did this then walked without a wobble or a fall, I know kids who walk younger than run and have no control and fall all over the place.
    Dont worry he will do it all in his own time…. put things a little out of his comfort zone and he might just forget about it and just go for it
    Good luck and dont worry

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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