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    Our 2 year daughter old swallowed a coin yesterday – we think it was a 10 cent coin. She was choking and then swallowed it.

    Took her to A&E, they did an x-ray and its gone into her stomach so we have to wait until it passes….they said it could take between 3-14 days!

    The other problem is it may get stuck in her small intestine so if she gets sick or her tummy swells,we have to take her straight back to hospital.

    We are giving her soft fruits and hoping she will pass it naturally herself.

    Just wondering has anyone been through this? Any tips?


    omg sabbi, how is she doing? that’s an awful thing to happen, fingers crossed she’ll pass it without any problems…i remember my brother swallowing lego piece and as far as i can remember mom just waited for it to pass, just doing what you’re doing giving fruit and fluids….


    hi sabbi

    God thats awful

    How is your little one today ?


    The poor little pet!! No experience of this but hope everything goes ok and it passes easily!


    She is in great form; was at the beach this morning and not a bother on her. We are still waiting for the coin to reappear and hoping it comes naturally and does not get stuck.

    The things two year olds get up to when you take your eyes off them for just a few seconds eh????

    She can be a little rascal at times – fingers crossed we get to see this nuisance of a 10 cent coin again soon!


    Zoe did this about 4 months ago and was nerve wracking! I didn’t take her to A&E as I knew they would just tell me to wait till it passes. It was a copper coin. I gave her loads of fruits, porridge and juices to help her pass it quickly. I actually had to put a strainer between toilet bowl and seat so I could make sure I knew for certain when the coin was passed. 😯 If you run the bowel movement under hot water it dissolves without too much rumaging involved. GROSS I know 😳

    Hoping it passes in the next few days for you!


    oops Sabbi am sure she’s ok
    hope to god neither of my pair do it 🙄


    my post from earlier is gone 😈

    anyway my brother did this all the time… my mam would punish him with prune juice to get him moving lol

    Caligal not a nice job but it has to be done…. good tip hope i never need it 😆 😆 😆


    hey Taylor, I saw your post earlier…don’t know what happened there, I’ll ask admin to investigate.

    Thanks Caligal, some good tips there – jeepers, the things us mammies have to do!!


    OMG poor little thing, talk about counting down the days.


    Dont worry about a missing post worry about the missing coin 😆 😆 😆 Change her name to piggy bank 😆 😆 😆


    Oh my God….you must have gotten such a fright when she started choking. My LO has started sticking the whole dodi in her mouth now and then she starts gagging!! It frightens the life out of me. Dare I ask ….any sign of the coin yet?


    you will have to post up when it’s passed i keep checking….


    i am lucky to say my DD never swallowed money. but she does have a statch somewhere in her play room 😆

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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