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    Lost: Banjo
    AGE: Unknown
    SEX: Male
    BREED: Golden Retriever / British Bull Dog
    LOCATION: Missing from Termonabbey, Drogheda

    DESCRIPTION: Banjo went missing from his owner’s home in Termonabbey Estates, Termonfeckin Road, Drogheda County Louth, on Friday November 12th, 2010. The strong winds blew the fence down and both Banjo and Cassie a Staffordshire Bull Terrier got out, but Cassie has since been found, however Banjo is still missing. If you have seen Banjo or know of his whereabouts, please contact either the owner directly or Drogheda Animal Rescue on 041 983 2418 / info@dar.ie

    CONTACT: Michelle Monaghan
    PHONE: 083 302 3430
    E-MAIL: michelle.monaghan@hotmail.com


    Joanna Sarsfield( on facebook )
    Hi Guys,
    lost my siberian husky Saturday, visitor opened the front door and she bolted out of the house, been looking for her last few hours – no sign. Drogheda Thomas Street area.
    Please keep an eye out for her and let me know if ya see her.
    Shes white with patches of light brown, she has two different coloured eyes,one brown one blue, just like Bowie!
    Also for information she’s spayed so shes of no use for anyone keeping her for breeding….


    Ah no will keep an eye out


    Almae dont think that was the dog… cant find a contact for that girl, had a look on facebook, tried to pm her but cant!!!

    This dog was more brown then White, with a little pal Small black dog, they both seemed very very happy and no sense on the roads are straight under my wheels 😯 I pulled over but they where half way up the road skipping away, i had ds2 in the car so couldnt leave the car iykwim…. if she is reading this is was on the platin road and they ran off towards marian park!


    no prob , i sent it onto her… her brother is out looking this evening for her as she has been sighted in so many places since saturday,


    This dog was more brown/fan colour and white then white with brown patches… so maybe not the same dog!
    Im trying to get ds to come back down with me to have a look

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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