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    hi :) teddybear here,

    Any ideas for a inexpensive, quick and easy 1 st birthday party…or is it the case of why bother its not worth it?

    suggestions and comments please…I have 2 weeks



    get a few friends round (if they have kids the better) make a few rice krispy buns, cocktail sausages, sandwiches and voila a party 🙂 🙂
    well this is what i did for my ds 1st b day, theydont rem a thing of it but we have photos and a video of the day and thats the most important.


    Oh yes you have to have a little party for the 1st birthday,even if its more for mummy than baby!! I made a lovely cake for my DS’s birthday last year, when i say lovely it looked lovely but tasted awful 😳 ……but i got so much pleasure out of making it……each year hopefully i will improve 🙂

    I think the little tea party idea is wonderful, and its just what they need at that age…a few tiny friends and some treats…….

    Good luck, dont spend too much, and enjoy…….



    I would have just a small little party to mark the occasion. Some nice ideas here


    I would just have a little tea party and the guest can bring their favourite teddy bear. The usual food is

    Shaped Sandwiches
    Cocktail Sausages
    Teddy Bear Crisps/Snacks (easy to eat)
    Ice Gems
    Ice Cream & Jelly
    Rice Krispes Buns
    mini muffins
    Pink Wafters
    Animal Biscuits
    Strawberries dipped in chocolate

    Don’t forget to take loads of photos, and what some people do is get the guest to write a birthday message for the Birthday Child for their keepsake box.


    🙂 Hi Teddybear here,

    Thanks a million for comments and suggestions.

    Yeah, few little friends around..sambos & cake and plenty of photos


    Easy cake recipie – just remember the number 4!

    4 oz self raising flour
    4 oz soft butter or margarine
    4 oz castor sugar
    2/3 eggs whisked

    Preheat oven to about 180 degrees.

    Blend the sugar with the margarine, then blend in the eggs, when thats nice and creamy slowly add the flour to the mix.

    Divide the mix into two cake tins, or you could make buns instead! Bake for about 25 mins – stick a dry nife in, if it comes out with no goo on it the cake is done!

    Cool the cake completely and fill with cream and jam…yummy!

    Dust with icing sugar, or you could make up some icing as per the instructions on a bag of icing sugar, add a drop of food colouring if you like, litterally pour it over the top of the cake and decorate with chocolate buttons, smarties, whatever! Dont forget your candles!


    I love the Odlums site for cakes, they are sooo easy and tasty.
    If I can make them anyone can.
    The site is http://www.odlums.ie
    Well worth a look…. mince pie season and all or a brack


    hi teddybear i have 4weeks to my little ones first birthday and i’m soo excited i can’t believe she’ll be 1!!!!!!!!
    what i’m doing is a family tea-party, my 2sisters, partners, her nana & grandad and her 3 cousins, then my bestfriend and her little one will be there too.
    I got a few bits on littlestarparties – just a 1st birthday girl banner and a high chair decoarting kit! (i know but i couldn’t resist it)
    It’s mainly for me off course. Her godmother wants to bring cake – don’t know if she’s making or buying it but i’m planning on taking lots & lots of photos for her baby book and photo album

    Enjoy whatever you do 😆 😆


    I will be doing something similiar to Munchin just straight after Christmas – family, cousins, childminder’s children and my best friend with her daughter. I suppose because my DD was born between Christmas and New Year her birthday will always be celebrated with family and cousins, as well as her own friends as she gets older. Christmas is a time when family tend to meet up and I can see my DD birthday being the date when the clan will gather to celebrate both christmas and birthday.


    🙂 Teddybear here,

    Thanks a mill…of all those other suggestions and stories. The last year has flew by…I think after about 4 months they stop being babies and just turn into smaller people. My daughter has such a great personality, full of fun, smiles and laughter. Becoming a father is the best. I am a blessed man, healthy daughter, fantastic & Fabulous wife, lots of ambition and thank God we are all healthy.

    I hope you all are as lucky as me. 😆


    ooooo a gentleman!! welcome, its nice to have dads on here too.

    my little man is 6 now and has grown out of his babyish looks now and is a right character!!! i think we are all lucky to have our kids and they are lucky to have great parents like us 🙂 🙂 🙂


    a man 😆 😆 😆 😆

    getting excited here 😆 😆 😆

    only joking 😆


    😆 😆 😆 a girls you scared him away 😆 😆


    i always have that effect 😆 😆 😆


    i did no such thing it was hmm!!!!

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