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    Hi all,

    I have my son’s 1st Birthday party on the 5th of June. As luck would have it, we have very large families, there will be 35 adults and 21 kids there. I have organised a bouncy castle but am afraid the weather will be terrible. How do I entertain over 20 kids for most of the day? Also, I am having no luck trying to get a caterer in the area, can anyone recommend somone? I live in the laytown area.

    Your help is very much appreciated,


    Wow thats alot for a 1st birthday 😯
    Alot of places do fab food, Staffords food store in Drogheda have a lovely menu and the prices are very good.
    There is a guy whos food is to die for, michael Devine… im sure you will find him in the phone book or google his name….. he does alot of christenings and parties, stunning food!
    What ages will the other 20 kids be? Are they all around 1 or older…
    A pinatia (sp) is great fun, got one for my nephew and they loved it… old games like tresure hunts, i find balloons tied to their legs and you have to try and burst the balloons the last person with a balloon is the winner


    hiya i know a guy you could give a call too… ALAN – 0868203721
    we had him a few times for family ocassions and have to say food was lovely and very reasonably priced….i know he gets busy about now so sure give him a call and see if not i’m sure he could recommend someone


    Keep it simple and dont be afraid to ask other adults to help out – eg doing egg & spoon races, face painting, pass the parcel, musical chairs or even easier, musical statues etc. Give people who are there jobs to do.

    When we have parties I ask different people to do different things so we are not left doing everything.

    eg. I get my aunt to bring a lasagne; my sisters to do face painting and help with the pass the parcel etc; I get my mum to help with the salads and sandwiches and I get someone to bring a pinata and let the kids knock it about while we are doing other things inside. (Pinata’s last ages and are great, we got one from Ruth at Pinatas Pinatas last year and the kids lovied it. You can pick them up in Tesco and Euro shops too)

    Best of luck and enjoy it 😀


    Thanks so much for all of your help, I will contact a few of these people about food. Great ideas for the games!! I know alot of kids, they are from 1-12!


    For my ds 1st birthday party, i got sambos delivered from Jaffas – they were lovely & looked very professional.

    We also had face painting (Glamour Girls) & pinata (from Ruth) – very popular.

    The other thing the younger kids liked was the bubble machine – i got a small cheap one in mothercare & it has been at every one of the cousins parties since. Ive well got my moneys worth out of it now.

    Pass the parcel can be hard for very younger kids to understand but instead you could just sing action songs – Im a little tea pot, round & round the garden, head, shoulders, knees & toes etc.

    Apart from that i had a ball tent for the babies who werent walking yet.

    Really one year olds parties should be 2 hours max – the kids cant handle anymore then that at their age. Ive been at a few where some kids are totally over whelmed by it all & have roared the house down.



    i wouldnt recommend the tesco pinatas, one or two bangs and they are open, the ones from Ruth last ages a bit more expensive but better quality.
    the bubble machine is great argos have them on offer at the moment… A treasure hunt in the garden.. if you get paper and wet with a teabag to make it look old, draw a map and hide sweets and treats all over the garden… they will love it (can be in house if weather is bad)


    i had a teddys tea party for my daughters first birthday everyone brought there teddys along it was fun and simple she had great day. her 4th birthday is in few weeks she wants to go swimming for it :roll:.


    Def second the bubble machine. Bought one in Mothercare also and the large bottle of bubbles, 1 litre i think, is only 1.50 in Tesco, works excellent in the machines. Heavy on the batteries though, takes 6 AA batteries, but is a big hit with children.

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