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    Hi girls,
    the weather is so nice I had my first BBQ this year yesterday.
    Actually I had a few at easter in south of France, and it was was raining cats and dogs then

    Anyway it was lovely yesterday. Even had a "Pastis" with it, real summer drink.
    Will dh cook me another one today? That is the question.

    It can as well be a bad sign that we had our BBQ yesterday.
    Because we usually manage to have only 1 bbq/year either one we do or one we go to.

    We’ll see. Keep fingers crossed and hope for a long, sunny summer.





    yahooo bbq season i love having a bbq…..we’ve actually been having them for the past 2 or 3 months, mad i know, but when ever it’s actually not raining we’ll make something on the bbq…..

    dh cooks the chicken first in oven then puts something on the chicken then throws onto bbq, for that bbq taste…..we might just even have baked potatoes done on bbq…..we don’t put much on though…

    was at my brother in laws yesterday for bbq was late evening and actually coz of ds we ate earlier, so was kinda bad only had one burger, and he had got loads of salad, ribs, sausages and chicken, way too much…..

    best thing do little but enough to fill ya and make sure cooked right too…and enjoy…..yahhooooo…….


    We had BBQ Monday and it was sooooo nice!! Sat outside sipping Chablis until 8pm (sorry Scole, know you can’t touch it at moment!!)

    We’ve eaten our dinner in the back garden every evening this week. As long as this weather keeps up, its all outdoor eating for us. No majoe cleaning up either, the birds are doing that for me.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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