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    There was a discussion on radio last week about 1890 numbers and how expensive they can be to call. These are advertised as ‘low cost’ numbers but in some cases cost 35 cents a minute from mobiles.

    The suggestion to avoid such high costs is to go to the website for the company you are calling and look for the alternative landline number.

    For example, 24 hour banking have 1890 numbers but instead of using this number and paying a fortune, you can use the landline number they provide (which is usually recommended for overseas calls) and this will do the exact same job but will cost far less.

    There is also a website called ‘say no to 1890’ you can check out which gives alternatives to 1890 numbers.

    if you have to use a 1890 number, ask the company to call you back or ask them for a landline number instead.

    Could save you a few quid on phone bills to be aware of this.


    God i was ringing around car insurance comp’s yesterday as ours is up soon, and rang 1890 nos…I thought they were all 15c per min 🙁 🙁 don’t know how long i was on the phone but couldnt have been more than 10 mins if even that and 6 euro gone 🙁 🙁

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    As well as that, some mobile bill package options include calls to landline numbers free. However, this does not include 1890 or 1850 etc., they are classed as a type of premium rate so beware. Look on the websites for the number to dial from internationally, like +353 1 ******** and just dial it as you would here (drop the 353 and put a 0 before the 1 for example)

    Another annoying one is the 0818 numbers, these are similar but allow the company to see geographically where their calls are coming from!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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